Lounge chairs are more than just a piece of furniture.

They’re where we retreat at the end of a long day, curl up with our favourite book or take a nap on a Sunday afternoon. They’re spaces we feel drawn to, and claim as our own. Which is why when it comes to choosing one for our homes, it’s so important to get it right.

Vitra Grand Repos Lounge ChairRelax in the comfort of the Vitra Grand Repos Lounge Chair

We’ve put together a handy guide that goes through all the factors that need to be considered, as well as the different options available, so you can be as informed as possible when making your decision.

Lounge chair options

From high backs to recliners, we have a fabulous selection of lounge chairs on offer. Depending on the style of your interior or how you prefer to relax, some types of lounge chair may be more suitable for you than others. Before you start shopping, it’s a good idea to think carefully about how and where it will be used and what you’d like from your new lounge chair.

Vitra Eames Lounge Chair & Ottoman in White LeatherThe white leather Eames Lounge Chair is a fresh interpretation of the classic Eames lounger

Want to recline?
If your new lounge chair is destined to be the main seat in your living room, you’ll want to choose a design that’s flexible and offers a supreme level of comfort. This is where our luxury recliners and lounge chairs with matching ottomans come in. You’ll be able to stretch out, put your feet up and generally make yourself at home in their generously proportioned frames.

Knoll Womb Chair & Ottoman as seen from aboveCurl up with a good book in the warming embrace of a Knoll Womb Chair

The Eames Lounge Chair & Ottoman is a great choice as it’s been carefully designed to match the contours of the human body, while the Knoll Womb Chair & Ottoman by Eero Saarinen has a deep, cocooning seat that’s simply perfect for relaxing in.

Looking for a showpiece?
If you’re looking for a lounge chair that’ll give your space a little wow factor, then a statement design is just the ticket. A statement lounge chair like the intriguing Moroso Paper Planes High Armchair is a piece of art in itself as well as a functional piece of furniture.

Cassina 836 Tre Pezzi Lounge Chair in black leatherThe Cassina 836 Tre Pezzi features a deep seat, back support and the half-moon headrest for extra comfort

Need a little privacy?
High back and wing lounge chairs offer a little extra privacy compared to other styles so if you’re the type that likes to feel enclosed in your space, then these are the chairs for you. High back and wingback chairs also offer excellent support for your back and head so can be sat in for hours on end.

HAY Uchiwa Lounge Chair in Black Stained Oak and Steelcut Trio FabricThe generous and inviting HAY Uchiwa Lounge Chair

We have a wide variety of styles to choose from including the elegant Cassina Tre Pezzi from Franco Albini and the inviting Hay Uchiwa from Doshi Levien.

Tight on space?
Lounge chairs come in all different shapes and sizes so you’ll be able to find one that fits your home perfectly in our collection. If you’re short on space, consider a design with petite proportions to avoid overpowering your room.

Fritz Hansen Swan Chair in PinkThe Fritz Hansen Swan Chair adds a beautiful, sophisticated look to any interior

The Fritz Hansen Swan Chair is a great choice as it has the same impact as some of the larger lounge chairs but on a much smaller scale. Its deep seat and curved arms have a sculptural appearance, whilst also providing a truly comfortable seat.

Zanotta 890 Judy ArmchairProduced in an array of beautiful materials the Judy Armchair features an exposed plywood backrest with lightweight aesthetics.

Similarly, the Zanotta Judy Armchair has a pared-back simplicity that’s also ideal for smaller spaces.

Want to rock?
If you like a little movement when lounging, then one of our rocking chairs is the answer. We have a wide selection of styles in our collection including the luxurious leather Poltrona Frau Don’do and the spacious polypropylene Fredericia Stingray, among many others.

Fredericia Stingray Rocking Chair MattThe flowing shape of the stingray fish was the perfect inspiration for the shape of the Fredericia Stingray Rocking Chair


Now that you know what type of lounge chair you’re looking for, you can start to think about the material.

Leather has a luxurious look and feel and is exceptionally durable. Over time it will soften, whilst still retaining its shape and strength, and develop a gorgeous patina that will keep getting better with age. Leather can come in a variety of colours, including natural tan, black and white.

Carl Hansen Leather and Oak design detailsCarl Hansen & Søn's Colonial Chair and Signature Chair are upholstered in a special collection of fine leathers

We offer a wide range of fabrics for our upholstered chairs, including Kvadrat’s Divina Melange, a soft woollen fabric that is textured and cosy, and KnollTextiles’ Cato, a durable wool and rayon blend, as well as velvet and sheepskin options. Fabric lounge chairs are soft, welcoming and have a gorgeous tactility.

Fritz Hansen Lounge Chair Fabric DetailsOur lounge chairs are available in a range of high-quality furniture textiles, including Kvadrat, Gabriel and Fanny Aronsen - the selection is huge

Wood, Metal and Plastic
We also offer wood, metal and plastic lounge chairs, each of which will bring a unique personality to your space.

The Carl Hansen OW 124 Beak ChairThe meticulously crafted oak frame of the Carl Hansen OW 124 Beak Chair

Colour choice

Of course, colour choice is something that’s personal to each individual, but there are some shades that work better than others in certain situations. For example, darker colours are ideal if your lounge chair is destined for a high traffic area, or if you have a young family or pet. Paler shades work really well in minimalist interiors and bright shades can help create a focal point in your home.

Factors to consider

Now that you have a good idea of the type, material and colour of your lounge chair, it’s handy to run through a few final practical questions before making your purchase. After all, your lounge chair will be with you for many years to come.

Is it the right shape for the way you like to sit and relax? Will it fit comfortably in the space you have available? Does it coordinate with the rest of your furnishings and décor? Is it practical for how you live day-to-day? We hope these questions will help guide you to the lounge chair that’s perfect for you, but we also encourage you to follow your heart if there’s a design you truly love.

How to care for your lounge chair

Once you’ve introduced your new lounge chair into your home, you’ll want to make sure that it continues to look as wonderful as when you first bought it. The following suggestions are recommended for general care, but for more specific instructions, please always refer to the manufacturer’s guidelines.

Direct sunlight or heat can cause minor fading to your upholstery, especially when it comes to materials such as cotton and linen. We all love to bask in the sun but ensuring that your lounge chair isn’t exposed to sunlight when unnecessary is definitely well-worthwhile.

To avoid ingrained stains or dulling, we recommend that you lightly brush or vacuum your lounge chair weekly. If you do accidentally stain the upholstery, then most materials can be wiped clean with a soft damp cloth, with the exception of delicate materials such as 100% soft wool. For leather lounge chairs, you can remove light scratches by gently buffing with a slightly damp cloth.

Design classics

Ray Eames once said ‘What looks good can change, but what works, works’, which is why some of the lounge chairs featured in our guide date back to the 1950s.

Carefully considered, these designs were made with function firmly in mind. They continue to perform as well now as they did back then and will keep on doing so for many more years to come. To give you a little inspiration, we take a look at some of the most iconic lounge chair designs of all time.

Vitra Eames Lounge Chair & Ottoman
The perfect gentleman’s chair, the Eames Lounge Chair & Ottoman was designed by the revolutionary Charles & Ray Eames and has become something of a design icon.

Details of the Vitra Eames Lounge Chair in Santos PalisanderThe Eames Lounge Chair combines exceptional comfort with beautiful materials

Like a soft baseball glove, the chair encourages you to sink back into it and take advantage of its utmost comfort.

Fritz Hansen Egg Lounge Chair
Originally designed by Arne Jacobsen for the lobby and reception areas of the SAS Royal Hotel in Copenhagen, the Egg Lounge Chair has a curved shell body and arched back for privacy.

Fritz Hansen Egg Chair in LeatherBecause of it's unique shape, the Egg Chair guarantees privacy in otherwise public spaces

Thanks to a strong foam inner shell beneath the leather upholstery, the Egg Lounge Chair is also exceptionally cushioned and comfortable. You can learn more about the history and craftsmanship of this iconic design in our Journal.

Knoll Barcelona Chair
Renowned for their iconic and ageless designs, Knoll are the masters of quality. The Barcelona Chair designed by Ludwig Mies van der Rohe is upholstered in leather and is hand-welted, tufted, buffed and finished to perfection.

Knoll Barcelona Chair in white leatherThe Knoll Barcelona chair is the ubiquitous classic that will never age

It is now also available as a Relax Version which comes with softer cushioning and a Venezia leather upper.

Carl Hansen CH07 Shell Chair
With its deep and sculptural shape, the CH07 Shell Chair is incredibly inviting even at a first glance.

Carl Hansen CH07 Shell Chair in WalnutThe Carl Hansen CH07 Shell Chair achieves a floating lightness due to its wing-like seat and the arching curves of its tapered legs

Designed by Hans J. Wegner, the chair almost appears to float thanks to its lightweight aesthetic, despite being robust and solid.

Swedese Lamino Easy Chair
Elegantly beautiful and simple, the Lamino Easy Chair is the perfect example of rustic Scandinavian design.

Swedese Lamino Easy-ChairWhen a Swedish interior magazine asked its readers to vote for “one piece of furniture of the 20th century” they chose the Lamino Easy Chair

Designed by Yngve Ekström, the chair is upholstered in soft Skandilock Australian Sheepskin and is adored by the Swedes and design enthusiasts alike.

We hope our guide will give you the confidence to choose your very own forever design, but if you need a little help then why not take a look at our top 10 lounge chairs or get in touch. Email info@nest.co.uk, call 0114 243 3000 or catch us on Live Chat.