Poul Henningsen

Poul Henningsen is an integral figure in lighting design and architecture, whose revolutionary views on the utilisation of light in the home led to a number of ground-breaking designs.

Collaborating with Louis Poulsen in 1924/25, Henningsen produced the first version of the seminal PH multi-shade lamp, a classic piece of modern lighting design, featuring separate elements which are shaped and assembled in such a way that the bulb is covered and light is directed downward, creating a soft, diffused effect.

Henningsen was aware of the importance of light in urban life, but sought a way to subdue the harshness of electric light while harnessing its mood-altering properties, believing that the aesthetic of an interior is highly dependent on how light is used.

In celebration of its 60th year, we take a closer look at Poul Henningsen’s greatest success: the icon that is the PH 5.

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