Conversation, good wine and delicious food – the dining room is the hub of entertainment for the home. Find tips and inspiration in our dining room edit to make sure your dining room is the hot topic at the table.

What better time of year than Summer, to gather all your friends and family together around a table - whether you’re hosting a barbeque or holiday dinner party, don’t let your dining table sit forgotten in these glorious summer months.

A tropical affair

Uplift your dining room for Summer with a touch of sunshine – it’s time to bring it indoors for breakfasts, lunches, dinners and more. Opt for crisp accent furniture in vibrant colours to add a touch of the tropics, a personal favourite of ours is the Wishbone chair, a true design classic that is available in an energy and citrus version for a fun and vibrant feel. Tropical isn’t tropical without the finishing touch of a natural element, how about a Swiss cheese or palm plant to immerse your décor with greenery (plant them in the Menu wire plant pots for a splash of art deco!).

Room Edit: Dining Summer Style - A Tropical Affair.jpgSource: 1, 2. Mustard, sage green, rusty orange and more - the Kartell Masters Chair is available in an array of sunny hues, your statement piece for a tropical vibe has been found.

Dining Al Fresco

Lazy, hazy Summer days cry out for meals to be eaten outdoors – there’s something quite alluring being surrounded by sunshine, garden colours and flowery scents. Whether you opt for a late morning brunch or fancy hosting a vibrant barbeque, finding the right outdoor dining furniture is key to making the most of a little sunshine. Designed to be outdoors all year long, the Hay Palissade collection is an exemplary option for your outdoor dining area. Featuring a slatted and tubular steel design, water and air will both pass through easily – so when the weather takes a turn for the worst, there’s no need to worry about the furniture holding water or being blown away. The Palissade collection will merge effortlessly into the verdure of your garden as it’s available to purchase in olive, anthracite or light grey.

Room Edit: Dining Summer Style - Hay Palisade Collection.jpg

Let’s keep snug with the Skagerak Helios Firebowl

For when the temperature starts to drop, keep yourself warm and cosy with the Helios Firebowl - what better way to while away the rest of a Summer evening? Not only is the Helios Firebowl an intimate focal point for your outdoor soirée, but add the Helios steel grill and you can barbeque to your heart's content too. Easy to transport, the Helios fire bowl can be moved from place to place to suit your outdoor needs – patio, decking, garden, yep, you can use it wherever you fancy – toasted marshmallow anyone?

Room Edit: Dining Summer Style - Skagerak Helios Firebowl.jpg

Lighting the mood

Extend your outdoor gatherings from day to night with atmospheric lighting, especially as the evenings are prime time for a bit of entertainment under a starlit sky. For such an intimate spot as the dining table, it’s key to get the lighting ambience just right. No electricity for the outdoors? Then the Marset Followme lamp is ideal for you, rechargeable through a USB port – this little lamp makes sure you will always be provided with a light oasis regardless of where you are. Featuring a dimmer, the brightness of the Followme lamp can be adjusted to enhance the atmosphere whilst the swinging lampshade can be tilted, dependant on if you want a direct or diffused glow.

Room Edit: Dining Summer Style - Marset Followme Lamp.jpg

Time for a cool down?

Why not whip up a refreshingly fruity sip with our cocktail recommendations – perfect for releasing your true barista.

Room Edit: Dining Summer Style - Pink Lemonade Margarita.jpgSource: 1, recipe: 1.

Bring 1 cup of water to a boil. Stir in sugar until dissolved. Cool to room temperature. Stir in the lemon juice, cranberry juice, lemon zest and tequila. Chill the mixture for at least 1 hour or until cold. Stir the pink lemonade mixture again and pour half in a blender along with 4 cups of ice. Mix until slushy. Pour into glasses and garnish with a lemon slice. Repeat with remaining mixture and ice to make another batch.

Room Edit: Dining Summer Style - Strawberries & Cream Daiquiris.jpgSource: 1, recipe: 1.

Whipped cream
In a medium-sized bowl, with a hand-mixer, whip together the double cream, sugar, and vanilla extract until the desired whipped consistency is reached. Set in the fridge until the daiquiri mix is ready.

In a blender, pulse together strawberries, ice, rum, simple syrup and peach schnapps on high speed until smooth and completely blended. Remove whipped cream from the fridge. Pour the daiquiri mix into a glass, filling approx. ⅓ of the way full, then spoon the whipped cream on top of the daiquiri and repeat until the serving glass is full.

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