Our Content Coordinator, Charlie, reflects on the true meaning of minimalism and how best to utilize sale season; avoiding a ‘chaos of assorted junk’...

I moved house last week, and it dawned on me how bad I am at shopping. How is it possible that I have a box filled exclusively with mugs? And when did I accumulate 11 different bobble hats? I think I need to take a leaf out of Minimalism’s book.

Minimalism can refer to a crisp white aesthetic or the purging of material possessions, but really these are just symptoms of a concept that runs a lot deeper than interior style. It’s more of a way of life, a mindset that helps us focus on the important things by getting rid of the excess ‘stuff’ that clutters our lives. It’s about living with purpose and demanding better, more meaningful experiences; an idea that applies beautifully to design. We all need a chair, but what we want is a well made, beautiful chair that lasts for a long time. Having a Minimalist mindset allows us to fulfil both our needs and wants, because we can invest in key, essential items rather than wasting money on badly made consumables. As the iconic industrial designer Dieter Rams said, ‘the times of thoughtless design, which can only flourish in times of thoughtless production for thoughtless consumption, are over’.

Sale season is upon us. Typically, it’s the time of year where we all go crazy and buy stuff that we don’t need (it’s probably when most of my mug and bobble hat purchases happened). But rather than adding to our ‘chaos of assorted junk’ (Rams, 1976), we could embrace Minimalism, using the lower prices to invest in the essentials that we need, and actually want. With this in mind, myself and the Nest team have curated a go-to list of key forever pieces to kick off our sale with good design that definitely won’t be added to that dreaded pile of junk.

Anglepoise Type 75 Desk Lamp

This is a design that’s survived 75 years, and is destined to survive 75 more. For me, the beauty of the Type 75 is in its balance – a satisfyingly weighty base with simple, fluid mechanics.

Minimalism-Anglepoise-Type-75-Desk-Lamp.jpgSource: 1

E15 SL02 Mo Bed Oak

Sustainably sourced materials and a commitment to long-lasting products with ‘understated design meant to generate an enduring approval.’ Enter E15.


The Fritz Hansen Series 7

The Series 7 has been replicated countless times, but its quality has never been beaten. It proves why buying once and buying well leads to a more thoughtful home that works (and doesn’t break).


Flos Aim Suspension Light

The AIM’s adaptability means it can be adjusted if your interior needs change. All you have to do is slide the diffuser along the suspension wire to change the direction of light.

Minimalism-Flos-Aim-Suspension-Light.jpgSource: 1

Uten Silo I

Like the Suspension light, this is a piece that can be used in lots of different ways – it will never not be needed. Store tools, kitchen equipment and stationery or you even try growing plants in the different pots.

Minimalism-Vitra-Uten-Silo-1.jpgSource: 1

Muuto Outline Sofa

The Outline works because it is big enough to relax on, but has a considered shape that means it doesn’t dominate.


Case Furniture Narin Folding Chair

The Narin Chair can be folded up and beautifully hung on the wall whilst not in use – a perfect solution for being able to entertain guests in a small space.


Kristalia Poule Table Square

Invest in a table that works hard. The Poule Table can be used indoors and outdoors and folded up to save space.


Hay Strap Mirror

This really is a mirror that can go anywhere. Its simplicity makes it perfect for smaller rooms, like the bathroom or hallway.


Nomess Copenhagen Gravity Rack

Unsurprisingly, a Minimalist mindset often leads to a Minimalist interior and, like many on our list, the Nomess Copenhagen Gravity Rack is the definition of an understated, clutterless aesthetic. A stunningly simple way to show off your favourite coats.


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