When done properly, storage is anything but boring! Discover creative solutions that’ll not only organise your space but help you create a happy, more relaxed home.

Storage-thats-good-for-the-soul--String-Bedroom-Sytem-Shelving & String Pocket Shelving Ash.jpgAttain the relaxing space you dream of with our creative storage solutions. The String Bedroom Shelving System Ash & White and Pocket Shelving Ash make the perfect duo.

Picture the rooms of your home right now: the living room, bedroom, home office or study. Go on, give them a proper once-over in your mind. What can you see? A discarded pile of papers and magazines perhaps? A heap of abandoned clothes or shoes? Vases you bought but never filled? Maybe even a messy tangle of phone cables? Equipping our homes with adequate storage is just something that falls off the radar when we get busy. But taking time out to find the right solution could not only banish those unsightly piles for good, but transform how we use our spaces, and even increase our wellbeing.

Skagerak Do Shelf System and Muuto Compile Shelving System.jpgThe Skagerak DO Shelf System and the Muuto Compile Shelving System; a perfect crossover of storage and display.

Whether it's a clutter-free look you'd like to achieve, or if you take comfort in beautifully curated displays, finding the right storage has long been the key to creating a happy home. So, take a moment to read our latest article and take a step closer to creating a calmer, more organised space today.

Modular solutions for the creatively minded

If you love the idea of designing your own bespoke storage solution, modular options could be your perfect match. This type of storage can be customised to meet your individual needs and can even evolve as your lifestyle changes.

Those who're at their happiest surrounded by their carefully curated possessions will adore the String Shelving System. These versatile units are made up of a combination of shelves, trays, hooks and rails that'll easily store all your belongings. Plus, there are configurations to suit every personality: Fabulous fashionista? We've got you covered. Shoe-lover? Yep, you too. Gadget geek? No sweat.

String Shelving Configurations.jpgBenefit from suitable storage to accommodate the "collections" we are all guilty of indulging in. Featured: String Bedroom Shelving System in Grey and String Hallway Shelving System in White.

Ferm Living's Punctual Shelves will also happily display all of your possessions on their sleek, streamlined shelves, whether you need something small or tall.

Bookcases that aren't just for bookworms

You don't need to be an avid reader to want one of our modern bookcases. Our quality designs are a wonderful way to store almost any item, and, they're a good choice for those that want to tidy away most of their possessions while still allowing a sprinkling of personality to shine through.

Vitra Haus Interior Vitra - Eames-Storage-Unit-Shelf-ESU-4-HU.jpgFeatured: Vitra Eames Storage Unit Shelf ESU 4 HU styled with the Vitra Eames House Bird, Vitra Sunburst Wall Clock, Vitra Organic Chair, Vitra Compas Direction Desk and Vitra L'Oiseau Ceramic. Image Source 1.

A place for everything

If hiding away all of life's unsightly essentials is your goal, then a spacious sideboard or cabinet is the only answer. Punt's iconic Stockholm design features two roomy storage compartments, a cleverly concealed panel to hold unwieldy cables in place and an irresistible rose aluminium top to boot.

Punt Stockholm Sideboard Small. Image original to Nest.co.uk.jpgFeatured: Punt Stockholm Sideboard Small.

Detail shot - Punt Stockholm Sideboard Small.jpgGet clutter-free living and sleek cable management.

Our sideboard collection doesn't end there though. Our range also includes luxurious leather-clad designs, classic wooden styles and creatively coloured options too. Explore more of our favourites within our blog.

Vitra Kast Sideboard paired with the Punt Sussex Sideboard.jpg

Detail of Punt Sussex Sideboard.jpgFeatured: Vitra Kast Low Storage Unit, Vitra Eames House Bird, Vitra Organic Chair, Vitra Metal Side Table Outdoor and Punt Sussex Sideboard.

Hide unsightly tech

We don't know about you, but we certainly couldn't live without technology. But it's not always something we want on show. Enter media units with their perfectly sized compartments designed to house all things tech. Choose from chic, lacquered designs, wooden options or even metal and plywood styles that evoke the spirit of the 1950s and 1960s to effectively tidy away digital boxes, speakers, routers and more.

Curate and display

While some find nirvana in clean lines and clutter-free spaces, others feel more relaxed surrounded by treasures that remind them of their journey so far. If you fall into the latter camp, modern wall shelves will be your personal playground. Use them to display knick-knacks, or go full-on curator and show the world who you really are. The options are endless!

White String Pocket Shelves paired with the Muuto Folded in a kitchen setting.

Vitra Corniches in red pairs with Muuto Folded Shelf.jpgFeatured: String Pocket Shelving in White, Muuto Folded Shelves in Small, Medium and Large and Vitra Corniches Shelves. Image 1, 2, 4.

String, Muuto and Vitra all have inspirational shelving designs, as does AYTM, the Danish brand currently making waves with its simple solutions designed with modern-day living in mind.

Curated shelving

Soulfully styled shelving has become so popular in the last few months that it's created a bit of a buzz in the interiors world, one that's even got its own hashtag: the #shelfie. With just shy of 1 million posts on Instagram alone, it seems we're all becoming partial to a look and feel of a picture-perfect shelf. Feeling inspired, we tried it for ourselves.

Take a look at our efforts below, including our music-loving MD Toni's colour-coordinated Kartell Bookworm, green-fingered Digital Communications Coordinator Jess's String Pocket Shelf and Parisian-dreaming Customer Services Manager Sally's Vitra Corniches Shelves.

Round up of our nest.co.uk selfies featuring the Kartell Bookworm, String Pocket Shelf and Vitra Corniches in white.jpgAlso featured: Kartell Comback Chair with sled base, Vitra L'Oiseau Ceramic and Kartell Componibili Round Storage.

Show us your #shelfie!

Leo the beagle posing in front of the Punt Sussex Sideboard. Image credit Yasemin Nazli.jpgLéo the Beagle poses in front of his Punt Sussex Sideboard. Thanks to Yasemin Nazli for the image. See more of Léo on his own Instagram account.

Think you could you do better? Share your #shelfie on social media using the hashtags #nestshelfie and #shelfie and tag @nest_co_uk. We'll feature the best ones on our social feeds.

Get ready, get set, curate!

The Kartell Bookworm and String pocket shelving in action.jpg

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