Top Tips to Include in your Home Décor

There’s no better season than Spring to refresh your home décor. From crisp minimalist designs to invigorating yellows and charmingly simplistic pieces, Spring brings with it an abundance of new style trends that must be incorporated into your home. The clean, breezy spring vibe works so well in the home that following’s top spring style tips is a must.

SpringToStyle - Top Tips for Home Decor.jpgLouis Poulsen Cirque Pendant Lights, coming soon to

Cool Greys

Neutral colour palettes are dominating interior design trends at the moment and their soothing hues make them the ideal transitional colours. From dusty greys to warmer creamy shades and darker charcoal feature pieces, there’s nothing like the fresh Scandinavian style to perfectly prep your home ready for spring. At we’ve got an array of different coloured grey accessories and furniture available so you can incorporate a little grey into your home.

SpringToStyle - Natural Colour Palette - Dusty Greys & Warm Creams.jpgMuuto Shades Vases, Skagerak Georg Coat Stand & Georg Mirror Small, Ferm Living Herman Chair & Neu Pitcher.

Grey acts as a blank canvas to help draw attention to other colours so you can highlight any brighter features. Try having big areas of grey, whether it’s a rug or a wall and then accessorise with white and charcoal furniture. These Menu Wire Plant Pots look perfect inside or outside the home and particularly good positioned against a plain grey wall. The minimal nature of grey means it works with a number of different textures including brass, wood and faceted shapes, leaving your options open to accessorise a room in whatever style you like. Layering up a range of different textures using grey as a base is a key look for this Spring, so get started now with these Muuto sculpted vases.

SpringToStyle - Refresh your Space - Minimalist Greys.jpgDesign Classic: Carl Hansen FH429 Signature Chair 1954, coming soon to Skagerak Georg Bar Stools, Menu Wire Plant Pot, Afteroom Dining Chair, Dancing Pendant Light & the Carl Hansen CH22 Chair by Hans J. Wegner 1950.


Warm pastels are the perfect way to easily brighten up your home and get it look Spring perfect. Sky blue tones against a backdrop of cool grey looks really chic, as does the introduction of dusky pinks and mint greens to a beige theme. With pastel shades you can either be as full on or subtle as you like, from painting a whole room in lemon to adding pastel colour accessories to a plainer colour scheme, like with this EJ 123 Pink Toward Sofa. Try using one or two pastel shades, rather than an array of different coloured pastels to avoid creating an interior which looks a little too sickly sweet.

Pastels work especially well in the bedroom and living areas of the home, where the lighting tends to be softer and more airy tones work better. Pastel soft furnishings like rugs, duvet covers, throws and cushions complement neutral colour palette perfectly.

SpringToStyle - Scandinavian Pastels.jpgNormann Copenhagen Cap Table Lamp, Gan Silai Rug Rose, Vitra Slow Chair & Ottoman & Erik Jorgensen EJ 123 Toward Sofa Pink.

Zesty Yellows

Spring’s favourite flower has inspired a whole host of new interior trends this year. Daffodil yellow tends to work best in small doses but really livens up a space. From pendant lighting to table lamps and even sofas, a little bit of sunshine goes a long way. Bright colours always look best when used sparingly and complement a white or grey colour scheme to perfection.

At, we’ve got an amazing selection of yellow interior design pieces arriving that you can easily incorporate into your home. Make a statement with the Vitra Mariposa 2½ Seater Sofa or be less brave and go for touches of marigold in a range of different accessories like this Anglepoise Type 75 Desk Lamp in Yellow Ochre.

SpringToStyle - Zesty Yellows.jpgVitra Mariposa 2½ Seater Sofa by BarberOsgerby, Brokis Memory Wall Lights & Anglepoise Type 75 Desk Lamp Margaret Howell Yellow Ochre Edition.

Follow these tips to freshen up your home décor and #SpringToStyle with today.

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