Find out which current trends are based on the 80s

Fashion clothing trends tend to go full circle and it’s a very similar case when it comes to interior trends. So many of the new looks and products that are set to be key trends for 2016 have been inspired by 80s interiors. Find out below which new trends that you love have actually been revived in our #Retro80sCool edit.

Retro 80s Cool - New trends/80's Revival.jpgSource 1, 2. Geometric colour blocking - 80s inspiration.

Geometric Prints

Bold, brash and in your face, the 80s is a decade famed for fascination with bright colours and the bolder the pattern the better. With neutral colour palettes prevalent in interior trends of the moment, pops of colour in the home are really making a comeback. These Hay printed cushions, perfectly pay homage to the 80s love of bright colours. Their colourful patterns are based on designs by Nathalie Du Pasquier, who was a co-founder of the 80s interior phenomenon, Memphis.

Retro 80s Cool - 80s Interior phenomenon Memphis.jpgSource 1. Interior styling by the Memphis Group, designers of Postmodern furniture, fabrics, ceramics, glass and architecture during the 80s. Hay Printed Cushion Full & Ice by Nathalie Du Pasquier.


Interiors in the 80s were not known for their simplicity or minimalism. Over the top opulence was a huge trend that’s making a comeback, whether that’s the gold detailing we’re beginning to see on light fittings or the re-emergence of marble, it’s very evident that opulence is back in a big way. British designer Tom Dixon uses a selection of polished gold, mirrored copper and gleaming marble in his interiors to add a touch of finesse and luxury to his designs.

Retro 80s Cool - Tom Dixon - Opulent 80s.jpgTom Dixon's opulent product range inspired by 80s luxury, featuring the Gold Mirror Ball Pendant, Bell Table Lamp & Gem Mirror.

80s style seating

80s feature style seating is definitely in fashion again. Tom Dixon takes inspiration from this in the fluid shape of his Wingback Chair, which has a lot of similarities with the 80s iconic S chair.

Retro 80s Cool - Tom Dixon Wingback Chair & S Chair.jpgSource 1, Tom Dixon S Chair 1987 & Tom Dixon Wingback Chair.

Bold, curved and overly sculpted shapes in vibrant colours dominate seating styles. Ron Arad’s 80s inspired designs remain increasingly popular, including the unique Big Easy Armchair and the striking Soft Little Heavy Armchair.

Retro 80s Cool - Ron Arad - Moroso Big Easy Armchair & Soft Little Heavy Armchair.jpgSource 1, 2. Ron Arad's Big Easy Armchair & Soft Little Heavy Armchair.

Jasper Morrison’s 80s Ply Wood chair has also influenced some of this year’s major interior trends. Breaking away from the traditional 80s ostentatious silhouettes, Morrison’s Ply Wood chair has been redeveloped into the 2016 Vitra HAL Ply Wood design of the chair, designed for optimum comfort which we currently stock at

Retro 80s Cool - Jasper Morrison - Vitra Hal Ply Wood Chair.jpg Jasper Morrison's 80s Ply Wood Chair and the new version by Japser, the Vitra Hal Ply Wood Chair.

With so many designers looking back to the 80s for their interior inspiration, it’s clear that 80s fashions are staying true to their style and not fading away quietly. Inject some life into the interior of your home and take a look at the amazing #80sRetroCool designs all available at

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