Normann Copenhagen Pocket Organizer White

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Pocket in white is a versatile and decorative wall-mounted storage solution designed by Simon Legald.

Inspired by a bulging shirt pocket, the design of the pockets curves outwards with a rounded silhouette. The flat opening at the top and the rounded bottom completes this reference. Designed to fulfill the need for storing smaller items we never know where to put and the need for flexibility, Pocket can be adapted to suit your needs and makes use of the wall space available. Ideal for homes with little or a lot of space. Choose from four sizes to suit your needs and arrange with one another as a set or use seperately.

Organiser 1
Height: 8cm x Width: 16cm x Depth: 7.3cm  Organiser 2
Height: 10cm x Width: 13cm x Depth: 5.4cm  Organiser 3
Height: 14cm x Width: 10cm x Depth: 7.3cm  Organiser 4
Height: 19cm x Width: 28cm x Depth: 8.8cm 

Materials & finishes
Made from polypropylene in white. Each pocket includes a sliding mounting bracket which is completely hidden once the Pocket Organizer has been mounted. Suitable for dishwasher.