Throughout the years, our homes will evolve along with any new challenges, new beginnings and new milestones in our lives. These changes may only be small, or we might even pack our bags and relocate to another country, but there’ll always be something special in our homes that’ll tell the story of our journey.

This particular something is usually a piece of furniture that has great sentimental value and worth, that has been a part of all the laughter and tears and that’s likely to stay in the family for generations to come thanks to its timeless and impeccable quality. This level of value and worth is all a big part of why we’re dedicated to supporting original and authentic design, whilst also encouraging you to shop once and enjoy forever.

DK3 Royal System Shelving in WalnutDK3 Royal System Shelving Walnut

This is why it’s so important not to rush through the buying process and also to treat it as something that’s as enjoyable and fulfilling as the final product. We take you through some of our key factors when it comes to buying quality furniture for the long run.

Make sure it ticks all the right boxes

It might be the most beautiful lounge chair that you’ve ever laid eyes on, but if you find yourself fidgeting around after 10 minutes of sitting on it, then you’re probably going to fall out of love with it pretty quickly. It might sound really obvious, but it’s very easy for the positives to overshadow the negatives when you want something to be just perfect for you (trust us, we’ve been there!). Each and every one of us has our different needs and requirements and sometimes it takes being a little fussy to get the most enjoyment out of your home.

Erik Jrgensen EJ 100 OxchairErik Jørgensen EJ 100 Oxchair

If it ticks at least 4 out of 5 of the boxes for comfort, style, quality, versatility and practicality, then we say you’re onto a winner.

Get to know it like a friend

So this probably sounds a little silly, but it’s worth taking the time to really ‘get to know’ your chosen design. In the office, we’re all far more enthusiastic about a product if we understand how and why it was designed and if the story behind the product itself is actually intriguing. For example, take the Flos IC and String Lights by Michael Anastassiades. Michael drew his inspiration for the String Light from the poetic movements of pylon wires as he travelled past on a train, whilst the IC Light was inspired by the ‘stillness in motion’ that he perceived whilst watching renowned jugglers work their magic.

The Flos IC and String-Lights by Michael AnastassiadesThe Flos IC and String Lights by Michael Anastassiades

Getting to know a little bit about the designer and the details of the design all goes a long way towards giving it that extra sentimental value.

Draw influences from trends instead of following them

There’s nothing wrong with drawing influences from a trend if it inspires you, but this should be because you love this particular trend and not for the sake of being current or fashionable. Great design is timeless and even if something isn’t perceived as fashionable at the time, it will always be stylish. Go for quality design that excites you and can adapt and evolve with your interior.

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