We're all guilty of it. Lounging at home on the sofa and scrolling through Pinterest, we discover creative design ideas that we absolutely adore before saying to ourselves, "No, but I couldn't possibly achieve that." These pins then end up sitting on an inspiration board for many months or years, being liked and repinned but never recreated.

There's absolutely nothing wrong with curating Pinterest boards for inspiration; in fact, we encourage you to pin to your heart's content. However, if you're struggling to find the confidence to turn the ideas that you love into a reality, then the best thing to remember is that you don’t need to compete with the original. Make the idea your own, don't be afraid to step out of your comfort zone and most importantly of all, enjoy the process!

To give you something to play with, we've put together some of our favourite creative ideas that aren't too drastic or time-consuming, but which can go a long way towards transforming your interior.

Mix and match your dining set

Remember when you were a child and everyone had their favourite spot at the dining table? If you’re anything like us, then this will probably still be the case (along with the sofa, too...). Mixing and matching your dining chairs is one way of taking this familiar concept to a whole new level, whilst also being a great way of creating a statement in a simple space.

Vitra Basel Chair, Vitra Tip Ton Chair, Vitra Jill Wood Chair and Vitra HAL Ply Wood ChairVitra Basel Chair, Vitra Tip Ton Chair, Vitra Jill Wood Chair and Vitra HAL Ply Wood Chair

Despite the random nature of this look, there still needs to be an element of harmony throughout to keep your dining set from looking too unusually mismatched. Whether this is achieved through colour, texture, size or form doesn’t really matter, so long as there’s something there to tie everything together. For example, you could opt for the same chair in different colours, different chairs made from the same material or different chairs of a similar aesthetic in complementary colours.

Use your rug as wall art

For centuries gone by, people have been using rugs as wall art not just for decorative purposes, but also as insulation for the colder months. Nowadays, we don’t have quite the same problem with insulation, but we can certainly learn a lot from our ancestors!

When it comes to hanging rugs as wall art, it’s all about texture. A large, textured rug will help to bring warmth and depth to the room in a visual sense, whilst also breaking up any neutral space. When hanging a textured rug as wall art, it’s best to keep the rest of the wall fairly bare to avoid the room looking too busy. Make that rug your centrepiece!

Ferm Living Kelim Rug Squares LargeFerm Living Kelim Rug Squares Large

Plus, if you fancy a change, you can always move the rug back to the floor.

Get playful with your storage

Gone are the days when storage was just used for, well, storage. Turning your storage unit into a decorative display is a great way of creating an interesting focal point in the room and expressing a bit of your personality. If you’ve got the space, then try curating your own display in the hallway to give an often overlooked area of the home a bit of love.

What you choose to display is all down to personal taste. Bring the outdoors in with an eclectic mix of plants and greenery or create a photo montage that extends beyond the constraints of your shelving.

Muuto Stacked Shelving-System and String Pocket ShelvingMuuto Stacked Shelving System and String Pocket Shelving

If you’re the creative type, then you could even turn your display into a mini art project, combining sculptures, magazine clippings, memorabilia, crafts and textiles for dramatic impact.

andTradition Slice KB2 Bookcase&Tradition Slice KB2 Bookcase

Break away from the conventional layout

It can be all too easy to just place a sofa against the wall or position a floor lamp in the corner of the room, and understandably so. For the majority of us, this is just what we’ve been used to and it can be difficult to break away from what feels safe or familiar. Of course, it's perfectly acceptable to stick to this kind of layout, but if you're wanting to try something new, then this is a fairly practical and simple way of doing so.

Experimenting with the layout of your room can work wonders for bringing a bit of excitement and variety into your space. Why not position your dining set diagonally instead of parallel to the walls or bring your bed into the centre of the room? This allows you to manoeuvre around a part of the furniture that you’ve probably only seen when unpacking it for the first time, plus it opens up a different part of the interior for you to play with.

Zanotta 1706 Nyx BedZanotta 1706 Nyx Bed

Gubi Beetle Chair in Remix Fabric and Gubi Dining Table EllipseGubi Beetle Chair in Remix Fabric and Gubi Dining Table Ellipse

For something of a more practical nature, then freestanding shelving units work wonderfully as room dividers in an open-plan space. Not only do they make a stylish alternative to a fixed partition wall, but they’re also the ideal option if you’re looking for something less permanent.

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