With so many colours, shades, tones, tints and combinations to choose from, it can be tricky to decide on the right colour shade when it comes to styling your home. There are no hard and fast rules that you have to abide by, but sticking to a few basic principles as guidelines will help you to avoid any colour-matching disasters.

The low-down on matching colours

Choosing the right colour scheme for you and your home is very much down to the type of atmosphere or mood you are trying to create. Warm colours such as red, yellow or orange tend to create an energetic and cosy environment, whereas cooler shades of blue, green and purple can help to create a more relaxed vibe.

When it comes to selecting complementary colours, one idea is to think back to your primary school days and refer to the traditional colour wheel. Colours that sit opposite to each other on the colour wheel such as blue and orange or yellow and purple are known as complementary colours, but there are many other methods of selecting harmonised colour schemes. For example, analogous colours are those that sit either side of a preferred colour on the colour wheel.

To give you some design inspiration, we take a look at 3 simple ways to style your home with colour and different tones.

Experimenting with bright pops of colour

Experimenting with colour doesn’t have to be a scary prospect. If you have a fairly neutral interior and want to bring a bit of excitement to it without making too many changes, then incorporating a few vibrant accessories or smaller products will help to give your room that special edge. 

The Muuto Mhy Pendant Light

The Muuto Mhy Pendant Light

HAY Kaleido Trays

The Hay Kaleido Trays

The Hay Kaleido Trays are great for bringing a bit of colour to your interior without the commitment. You can even take them from room to room and change the compositions once in a while to keep things fresh.

nanimarquina Digit Rug

The Nani Marquina Digit 1 Rug

If you’ve got dark walls, then incorporating bold pops of colour will bring that extra bit of drama and excitement to your space.

Keeping it fresh

Pure and refined, white is a shade that can create striking impact or a sophisticated and relaxed atmosphere and this all depends on how you style it. An all-white interior can be hard to pull off, but if you get the balance just right, then there’s no bolder impact. If the idea of all-white scares you, then white works wonderfully with metallic finishes such as steel, bronze or copper or different types of wood. 

&tradition Spinning BH1 Pendant Light & Raft Stool 

The &Tradition Spinning Light BH1 Tall, &Tradition Raft Stool and &Tradition Raft Table

Menu Norm Wall Mirror and Menu Peek Table Lamp

The Menu Norm Wall Mirror and Menu Peek Table Lamp

As the focus is taken away from colour, you’ll have more scope to experiment with texture and form, whether that be opting for a statement pendant light or a curvaceous sofa with plenty of textured cushions. 

Mixing and matching pastel shades

Nostalgic of Spring, pastel colours are great for creating a calm and comfortable atmosphere and can be mixed and matched in a number of different variations to create a look that’ll work with almost any style of interior. We tend to see plenty of pastel colours in Scandinavian-inspired interiors, from duck egg blue, pale mint and lilac to light grey, lemon yellow and soft pink. These pastel colours are often complemented with light wood furnishings such as oak or ash wood to create a light and airy atmosphere, but pastels also merge well with white or neutral interiors and hints of bright accent colours.

The SCP Nos Da Throw and HAY Colour Carpet 05 

The SCP Nos Da Throw and Hay Colour Carpet 05

If you have children, then pastels are a fantastic choice for both girls and boys bedrooms or playrooms.

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