Tom Dixon

Born in Tunisia in 1959, British designer Tom Dixon moved to England in 1963. Tom Dixon rose to prominence in the mid 1980's as "the talented untrained designer with a line in welded salvage furniture". By the end of the 1980's, he was designing contemporary chairs for Italian design brands like Cappellini before creating his own design company, 'Eurolounge', to make and sell his work.

2002 marked a new phase in Tom Dixon's career with the launch of his eponymous design company which designs and manufactures a wide range of contemporary lighting and furniture inspired by the unique heritage, innovation and the robust, no nonsense engineering of British industry. Tom Dixon's most iconic designs include the space helmet inspired Mirror Ball Pendant Light, Copper Shade, hand beaten Beat Lights and the Wingback Chair.

Tom Dixon was awarded an OBE in 2001 while one of his most recent accolades includes winning Designer of the Year 2008 from Architektur and Wohnen Magazine.

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