Just in time for Christmas, Nest.co.uk have welcomed the arrival of the Limited Edition Vitra Grand Repos and Ottoman upholstered in a luxurious Nobile Velour fabric. With velvet continually growing in popularity, our good friend and interior designer Russell from the 2LovelyGays (Amara blog award winners 2016), has provided us with his own insight into the use of velvet within interiors and why velvet really is the fabric of choice...

A Velvet Lined Nest - 2LovelyGays.jpg

With the launch of the Limited Edition Grand Repos and Ottoman by Vitra in the most stunning deep green velvet, we wanted to delve into the velvet underground and explore what makes this fabric so special when used to upholster classic furniture.

A Velvet Lined Nest - Limited Edition Vitra Grand Repos and Ottoman.jpg

A Velvet Lined Nest - Limited Edition Vitra Grand Repos and Ottoman.jpg

For London Design Festival earlier this year we were asked to re-imagine a classic design from the Ligne Roset back catalogue in a fabric we designed from our print collection as it was re-released this year. Nothing says 'show' or 'special' like velvet and so when we saw the Slice Chair, by Pierre Charpin for Ligne Roset, we knew our fabric of choice had to be Velvet. It elevates anything it is applied to and gives a classic elegance. Especially when the shape of the piece is so powerful and modern, the velvet softens it and gives a luxe edge.

A Velvet Lined Nest - Slice Chair by Pierre Charpin for Ligne Roset.jpg

We had already been working with award winning design duo, Custhom, on a print collection and it was a natural progression of this design collaboration to apply our deconstructed floral to velvet. As the Slice chair breaks down into its various smooth shaped sections, the printed velvet design also breaks down until the busy texture of the fractured flowers bleeds into plain black velvet. It was tricky to achieve, from both a printing and an upholstery perspective, but the end result was worth it. Velvet is always a stunning move whether it's printed or plain, mohair or velour. It brings depth to a room and luxury.

Velvet brings to mind theatre and smoking jackets. It has a rich history and brings that weight to whatever piece it is used on. This is perfectly shown in the now iconic Tom Dixon Wingback Chair - one of our first ever obsessions as new designers when it was first released years ago.

A Velvet Lined Nest - Tom Dixon Wingback Chair.jpg

It was originally released in black Mohair velvet - think refined teddy bear fur - and we were so in love with the feel of it when we first sat in it that we saved up for two years and finally got one for ourselves. With its 'rakish silhouette' this update of the 17th century English archetype is pure drama when in its velvet suit.

Vintage design pieces can also benefit from some velvet tailoring. We often take vintage Danish or Italian design pieces and give them a modern update with new velvet upholstery. For this project in St John's Wood, the brutalist apartment had an 80's glamour in its bones and we took that to the next level with several custom upholstered pieces in various tones of blue velvet, including a bed, dressing table, swivel lounge chairs, a sofa and even a velvet wardrobe.

A Velvet Lined Nest - St John's Wood Brutalist Apartment.jpg

Once you've lived with velvet you need more. The end result was something straight out of Dynasty. And we wanted to move in.

Then there are more contemporary uses of velvet, like 'instant classic', the Ace lounge chair and dining chair from Normann Copenhagen.

A Velvet Lined Nest - Normann Copenhagen Ace Chairs.jpg

The impossibly handsome designer, Hans Hornemann, wanted to design a piece of affordable luxury for those living the apartment life. Flat-packed and lightweight enough to strap one to the back of your bike and ride it home, but with a velvet upholstery that makes it feel so much more exciting. It's using velvet in a simple way to elevate its clean, inviting curves and we think it's a total must have.

Velvet is no longer just for the hotel lobby or fusty dusty gentleman's club, it has a place in the modern home as much as leather or wool or linen upholstery. It works equally well on contemporary lines as on period pieces and can give your home an elegant cosiness that is so seductive. Vitra have totally smashed it with their colour choices for the velvet rebirth of their Grand Repos and it may just be our new object of obsession.

A Velvet Lined Nest - Limited Edition Vitra Grand Repos and Ottoman.jpg

Imagery Source: 2LovelyGays