Today we are delighted to introduce Fabrice from Scotch+Limon who has hand-selected his favourite products from

We also questioned him on his personal design style, his views on classic design and of course cocktails. The interview is a great insight into one of our favourite design advocates, so sit back and have a read!

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You’re obviously someone who appreciates timelessness and quality. Can you share with us some of your favourite ‘go to’ brands?

Smythson has been a brand I have admired and respected for quite some time. We (Scotch+Limon) are now lucky enough to work with them which is a real privilege. I love the simplicity of brands like Rolex, the quality and style at Hunstman over on Saville Row too. One of my go to favourites has to be the Converse All Star, I can’t live without them! It shows you don’t have to break the bank to own something timeless, practical and beautifully designed.

Before embarking on your career in the drinks industry we know you originally studied furniture design here in Sheffield? Have you seen any influence from your furniture design days within your current career?

Theres a real correlation between the drinks / hospitality industry and the creative industry. I have met so many people over the years who started out in design, acting or other creative fields who ended up working/owning bars or even drinks brands. I think the fact that whether you’re in the kitchen or on the bar you have an outlet to be creative through the food and drink you are preparing. Also when you’re working front of house you’re on show, its your stage! For me personally, having the opportunity to open bars all over the UK meant I could also indulge my passion for interiors and furniture.

Tell us a little more about your home style, and how it reflects your personality? Are there any familiar products we might recognise in there?

My wife Libby Limon and I have fairly different taste which come together, we think pretty well. I’m not mad on the word eclectic but its probably the best way to describe us! We tend to have a mixture of mid century pieces (Saarinan Tulip Table, Eames and Saarinan Organic chairs, G-Plan Astro oval coffee table) along side vintage french bit and pieces from a great shop on Goldborne Road. One thing we both enjoy is lots of colour which lead us to get a yellow velvet sofa, completely impractical with a dog! For the walls we’re also fortunate that my brother-in-law has an art gallery, Tag Fine Arts, and has some great affordable artists which he looks after.

Guest Edit - Fabrice Limon Kitchen Interior.jpgEclectic styling mixing design classic pieces alongside French vintage pieces. Knoll Saarinen Tulip Dining Table with Vitra Organic Chairs.

3Guest-Edit--Fabrice-Limon-Kitchen-Interior-3.jpgFabrice's living space style and art from Tag Fine Arts Gallery. Source 1.

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Our sources tell us that you are fond of a Martini, which could be considered a bit of a timeless classic within the world of cocktails. What do you think makes a classic, and do you see a correspondence in design classics within the drinks, fashion and interior industries?

I have been known to enjoy the odd martini and yes it is an absolute classic! The simplicity of the martini as with so many other cocktails, certainly of that era is what makes it a classic. I think you could certainly translate this back into any form of design from fashion, to furniture and even cars. The most beautiful things for me have a beauty in the subtleness and this is a real skill in any designer. The beauty comes in the fine detail which elevates it from something ’nice’ to something exceptional….like a martini.

If you where to make us a cocktail, what ingredients do you think it might include?

Well that would depend on the time of day! Morning Cocktails would be with Seedlip, an amazing product and the worlds first non-alcoholic distilled spirit, in the afternoon something light like a spritz style cocktail using one of the many incredible vermouths which we are now fortunate to have here in the UK, Regal Rogue is certainly worth a look. In the evening probably something a bit more serious and most likely containing tequila. A good margarita is always a great way to get the evening started.

And finally, winter is almost over! What new and exiting things do you have planned for the spring and summer?

My wife and I are very much looking forward to driving down to the south of France in our classic Mercedes SL. We’ve had quite a bit of work done to the car ready for the summer. We’re also heading to Tuscany with a big group of friends to celebrate my 40th birthday which will be a whole heap of fun!! Apart from that we’ll be enjoying London which is so great in the summer. One of the benefits of working in food and drink is theres always an excuse to go out and try somewhere the name of research of course.

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