Shift the winter blues with uplifting scents, calming shades and flexible products designed to make your life easier for the bedroom.

From looks and inspirations to tips and ideas, our monthly Room Edits are designed to combine the evergreen with the ever-emerging for every room of the home, helping you to find the perfect designs for your space. First stop — the bedroom.

Refresh your bedroom with Rose Quartz and Serenity

In late 2015, respected colour authority Pantone announced that 2016 would be the year of 2 shades – Rose Quartz and Serenity. Associated with calmness and tranquility, these soft, complementary colours make the ideal choice for the bedroom, setting the tone for a peaceful night’s sleep. What's more, they'll always look fresh and modern in a contemporary environment, whether you scatter a few powder-rose cushions over your bed or enrich your bedroom in both shades. We recommend combining with fresh white for a Spring-inspired palette.

Room Edit Bedroom Rose Quartz and Serenity.jpgShop from L-R: The Hay Tray Table White and Lightyears Caravaggio Wall Light. Source: 1 / 2.

Room Edit Bedroom Rose Quartz and Serenity.jpgShop featured: The Flos Zeppelin Suspension Light. Source: 1 / 2.

Indulge in decadent darks

Although on the opposite side of the scale to Rose Quartz and Serenity, darker shades can be just as effective at inducing calmness, creating the ideal space to sleep. From moody greys to deep indigos, a darker shade on the walls and throughout your bedroom will help to create the illusion of a cosier space — perfect for cold winter nights or chilled evenings spent in bed.

Room Edit Bedroom Indulge In Decadent Darks.jpgShop from L-R: The Vitra Akari 10A Floor Lamp, Hay DLM Side Table and Hay Plus 9 Throw. Source: 1 / 2.

Set the mood with earthy scents

More than just an afterthought, the importance of scented candles and diffusers should never be underestimated. Scents can completely transform the way we feel about a place, even bringing up feelings of nostalgia or — most importantly of all for the bedroom — calmness.

Room Edit Bedroom Earthy Scents.jpgShop from L-R: The Skandinavisk Koto (Home) XL Scented Vase Candle and Skandinavisk Ro (Tranquility) Scented Candle. Source: 1 / 2.

We recommend rich, earthy scents to help evoke feelings of warmth and comfort and Skandinavisk have the ideal products to match. Their dainty candles are inspired by the very essence of Scandinavia, blending delicate notes like amber, jasmine, wild mint, berries and rose petals into signature fragrances. The vessels are also some of the most intricate we've ever seen.

Our favourite candle from Skandinavisk is ‘Hygge’, named after the familiar Danish concept of ‘cosiness’. It's almost too lovely to use!

Choose flexible designs

Some of the greatest designs are often the quietest and by that we mean that they impress through clever, functional details rather than extravagance. With multi-use products such as the Vitra Planophore Wide Bookshelf and Hay Tray Table grabbing our attention recently, we're certainly seeing a shift towards more things multi-purpose.

Room Edit Bedroom Flexible Design.jpgShop featured: The Hay Tray Table Warm Grey and the Vitra Planophore Wide Bookshelf High.

Flexible products like these are ideal if you're indecisive or often moving about, as they can easily be put to use in another room in a different form.

Opt for timeless leather

To put it simply, leather is the perfect choice for the bedroom. It's timeless, durable and tactile, with a luxurious, sophisticated quality like no other material. It's also been quite the talk in the interiors world, making a prevalence again after a time of more muted, minimal designs.

There's a particular leather bed we've had our eyes on for a while and that's the Poltrona Frau Jackie Bed. Upholstered in authentic Pelle Frau® leather, it's guaranteed to look just as good decades down the line.

Room Edit Bedroom Poltrona Frau Jackie Bed.jpgThe Poltrona Frau Jackie Bed.

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