Famed for their beautiful simplicity, impeccable form and useful functionality, Benjamin Hubert’s industrial designs are the perfect combination of both pragmatism and simplicity. Each finely crafted product is inspired by the study of simple human behaviours and their movements to create a unique piece of furniture.

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Hubert is a huge global name in interior design and is driving industrial design forward using unique materials. He was born in 1984 and studied Industrial Design at Loughborough University. He is one of the most successful British designers, famed for his use of industrial materials, like concrete and steel, within his art. After graduating in 2006 he set up his own London-based studio in 2009 and has made a significant impact upon the world of interior design.

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The Spinning Light is arguably his most famous piece. Both simplistic and elegant in its design, the smooth attractive shape and sleek, polished exterior makes it a must have lighting accessory. It’s inspired by the shape and movement of the popular spinning top toys that children play with.

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The spinning light’s iconic design is created using a spun aluminium technique reminiscent of the movement of the toy spinning top which creates the light’s soft curves.

At Nest.co.uk, we stock both the &Tradition Spinning Light Short and the &Tradition Spinning Light Tall which is a sleeker, more streamlined design. Both lights can be used alone as a singular piece of lighting or in a cluster to create more of a feature.

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The designs look smart and elegant and their minimalist aesthetic makes them the perfect light both in the home or the office. Whether you want to use a single spinning top light in the bedroom or three above a breakfast bar in the kitchen, they’re the ideal lighting accessory as their simple design means they complement almost any décor.

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Hubert also works on an extensive range of other products. His designs have won a number of famous industry awards including ‘Best New Exhibitor’ and ‘Most Promising Designer’ in his earlier career. He also exhibited at New Designers 06 with ‘Puff Out Lights’ winning the Corus Material Award and receiving prestigious short listings in two further categories, highlighting his talent for industrial and sustainable design.

His focus centres on using unique materials to create designs that are both effortless and sustainable. Hubert’s Decode Heavy Lights are made from hand-cast concrete in a natural finish, giving them a more elemental look than the spinning top lights. They are available at Nest.co.uk in white, dark grey and light grey, and are suspended from the ceiling by your choice of either a red or white brushed steel cable which creates an attractive contrast.

Designer Focus - Benjamin Hubert Decode Heavy Pendant Lights.jpgThe Decode Heavy Light in dark grey, light grey & white. Source: 1.

Designer Focus - Benjamin Hubert - Decode Heavy Pendant Light White.jpgThe Decode Heavy Light white.

Along with his impressive lighting collection, Hubert has also produced a series of unique dining furniture, each with their own innovative industrial based designs. Take the Casamania Pontoon Table and the Casamania Maritime Armchair, which Hubert designed for the Italian brand. The chair’s design was based upon the traditional wooden ship-building techniques, using only very minimal materials, utilising a solid timber frame and a plywood shell. The ‘Pelt’ dining chair is also unique, inspired by the way an animal’s skin fits over the top of its skeleton. The structure of the chair is made from timber and plywood with sophisticated curves and clean lines.

Designer Focus - Benjamin Hubert - Casamania Pontoon Table and Maritime Armchair.jpgThe Casamania Pontoon Table and Maritime Armchair by Benjamin Hubert.

As an award winning leader in the global design industry, Hubert has produced some of the most iconic interior products around at the moment, which are sure to become modern classics. As well as being aesthetically impressive and emotionally responsive, his works also have a minimal impact on the environment. From the timeless Spinning Lights to the sleek Pontoon Table, with Nest.co.uk you can bring some amazing Benjamin Hubert designs into your home.

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