Guest Edit: The Visionist

We got chatting to lifestyle blogger Anson Low of The Visionist to discover his top products and how he became such an influencer in the blogosphere.

Fellow Yorkshire dweller and entrepreneurial lifestyle blogger Anson Low of The Visionist is an interesting figure to say the least. Founder of fashion accessories company Lécimes, he is recognised as a trustworthy advocator of great style, even running a fashion-oriented Instagram account for his Cocker Spaniel Woodie! Capturing the fine line between interiors and fashion, Anson gives us a visual insight into his life through beautifully-crafted photography, demonstrating his sophisticated taste through his interior, outfits and lifestyle purchases.

To get to know the man behind the camera, we asked Anson a few questions before getting him to curate a selection of his favourite products for your inspiration.

Aye up! We love to see a local Yorkshire influencer making an impression in the blogosphere. What attracts you to this hillier part of the UK?

I have always been a fan of the countryside. I grew up in the capital of Malaysia and city life could be hectic and stressful. Yorkshire is much more peaceful and quiet in comparison and I love that!

You've developed a large social following over time on Instagram and collaborated with many leading brands such as Normann Copenhagen, Lush and Axel Arigato. How did you establish this follower base and influencer status?

I love fashion and design. I occasionally started posting OOTD (outfits of the day) on Instagram, which were then featured by accounts such as @lookbook, @ootdmen, @mensfashionposts, etc.. Then I realised that the public really liked what I shared, so I carried on with the ambition to inspire others.

Your style is fairly minimal and contemporary, both in interiors and fashion. We often see a correspondence between the two — is this something that you recognise yourself within your profession?

Yes, definitely. Fashion has always influenced interior design and vice versa — take the roaring 60s, for example. Bright, bold colours and prints on clothes and in home decor. Those that like minimal and contemporary clothing will usually prefer this in interior design too — it’s about surrounding yourself with what best reflects your personality and makes you feel good. If you're a minimalist at heart, this will echo through everything you wear and everything you surround yourself with. It’s about creating a complete experience — an understanding that extends further than a single moment captured by a photo.

We know you're a bit of a fan of, without tooting our own horn! What are your favourite brands from and why?

HUGE FAN. The whole concept of curating minimal and contemporary brands into one platform is like heaven for lovers of interior design. It reminds me of Mr Porter, but in the interior design industry. I love Menu, Massproductions, Normann Copenhagen and Muuto — just to name a few.

We've always been about timelessness and quality over throw-away, trend-focused products, which is evidently the case for you also. What, in your opinion, makes a true design classic?

It has to be a form of simplicity from my perspective. I am not against wild prints or patterns on any products, but their strong visual impact seems both memorable and forgettable at the same time. But immaculate design grows in the mind slowly and comfortably — just like a nice fitting plain tee or a glass of good whisky.

We know you're working on quite a few interesting projects — where do you see yourself heading in the next year?

I tend to try and not foresee my future as I love surprises, but I do know that I will share more fashion and interior design inspiration. I want to travel and gain creative perspective from around the world — everyone has to be inspired to inspire. Therefore, there will be more unique brands to join my journey in making more creative content.

Lastly, could you tell us your dog's secret? He's the coolest dog in town.

He learned from the best — not me! Click here to find out his secret.

You can keep up to date with Anson's stylish posts by following @thevisionist on Instagram or visiting The Visionist blog.

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