From the timeless pairing of black and white to all things rustic and industrial, capture the perfect ambiance in your bathroom with our edit.

Lock yourself away from the everyday day stresses of day to day life in the tranquil retreat of the bathroom and allow yourself to be immersed with comfort and relaxation. Explore the various ways of dressing up your bathroom within our edit and find inspiration for your ideal bathroom - because after all, we all need our own perfect place of pamper.

Looking less like a bathroom

The bathroom needn’t just be a room for functional means – why not turn your bathroom into a place to escape to and bask in a spa-like ambience? Long gone are the days of your average bathroom mirror – dramatic yet decorative mirrors are ideal for providing an interesting focal point within your bathroom. We love the Gubi Adnet Circulaire Mirror, which is adorned with luxurious leather – perfect for combining soft surface textures within the bathroom. Create a tranquil setting by placing decorative furniture and ambient lighting within your bathroom – the placement of a large statement rug will create a more comfortable atmosphere.

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The timeless pairing of black and white

Black and white – a classic colour combination that couldn’t be more versatile. Whether contemporary and minimal or with traditional touches, black and white tones make an adaptable backdrop for any style of bathroom – a luxurious choice ideal for a place of pamper. As dark, indulgent shades are back for 2016, we recommend the seamless pairing of crisp, white features against a bold, black background – the dramatic contrast will make your furniture and accessories stand out, whilst adding a sense of depth to the room.

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Rustic meets industrial

Combining the raw and industrial with natural, rustic elements will help you to create an interior that is cool and contemporary. Concrete is one of our favourite materials of choice, but can make your interior feel a little stark or cold on its own – soften with warm, rich elements to create a cosier environment. We love the &tradition Mass Light NA5 for bold, industrial bathroom lighting – a design based on the classic street lamp. The marble will add an element of sophistication and contrast beautifully with the raw textures in the room.

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Bringing the outdoors in

To bring life and joy to your interior, decorate your bathroom with one of the most powerful elements known to man – nature. Have a green thumb? Add a touch of greenery to your bathroom for colour, scent and wellbeing – the perfect way to create your own personal oasis. After all, the bathroom is the ideal environment for most plants, providing them with a humid atmosphere to thrive in. Bringing in elements of chunky, solid wood will help you to develop this look even further. We love the E15 St04 Backenzahn Stool – beautifully organic and rich in character, this stool is made entirely from solid wood and will fit in perfectly in the bathroom.

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Illuminate your space

The right bathroom lighting can transform the look and feel of your bathroom at the flick of a switch. Getting it right is vital – too bright and your bathroom will appear harsh and unwelcoming, yet a dimly-lit bathroom won’t do you any favours when it comes to getting ready in the morning. Looking to add a dramatic focal point to your bathroom? We think the Tom Dixon Copper Shade Light steals the show – it’s classic, timeless and versatile for most interiors. There’s no denying that metallics continue to dominate in the design world as they allow light to bounce off their reflective surface and warm up a space.When choosing your bathroom lighting, safety is definitely the key – take into consideration the Ingress Protection (IP) rating, which measures how resistant the light is to both water and particles. This will alter depending on which ‘zones’ of your bathroom you’re wanting to position your lighting in – for example, a non-waterproof light will be suitable if it’s in a zone far away enough from any potential risks. Please check here for further information on zones and IP ratings.

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