Meet the Muuto Stacked Shelving System 2.0: a versatile modular shelving system that’s full of possibilities.

Configure your own Muuto Stacked Shelving SystemCustom combinations – talk to our sales team about personalised options for the Muuto Stacked. Featured: Solution 7 customised in oak veneer.

If you’ve read our feature ‘The Move to Modular’ you’ll know that modular design is having a moment. To make the most of your spaces it’s important to find furnishing solutions that have both looks, longevity and the option to be adapted over their lifetime. Our lives grow and change as we journey through life; the best, most iconic furniture should be able to do the same.

Let’s bring the Muuto Stacked into the spotlight, explore its flexible modular design and the philosophy behind its creation.

Detail of the Muuto Stacked Shelving System 2.0Personalise your storage: The Muuto Stacked 2.0

A meeting of design philosophies

“Design should always have a characteristic expression while serving an obvious function. I found that shelving systems often only fulfilled one of the two and from there grew the idea for Stacked, a simple and efficient storage system that can be personalized to the needs of your home.” Julien De Smedt

A Scandinavian brand who combine aesthetics and functionality in their products, Muuto collaborated with award-winning Danish architect and designer, Julien De Smedt to create the Stacked.

Designer Julien De Smedt with the Muuto Stacked ShelvesThe Designer: Julien De Smedt

Internationally recognised for his ability to challenge conventions and his fresh outlook on design; Julien De Smedt’s desire for versatility led to the creation of the Muuto Stacked. The collaboration resulted in a future classic, a modular shelving unit that allows you to show off your personality.

Flexible & Functional

Flexible, adaptable and easily transportable; the basic design of the Stacked system is of three interchangeable storage blocks of various sizes that are joined together by a simple clip. Finished in either PU lacquer or oak veneer, it is up to you to choose how you want the blocks to interact.

Muuto Stacked Shelving System

Muuto Stacked Shelving System Clip detailThe Muuto Stacked - individual storage blocks are joined together with a simple metal clip.

The modular design allows for the individual units to be arranged into a wall mounted shelving setup, free-standing sideboard, a side table or even a room divider. Adaptable to every room in the house, the design can be easily refreshed and customised to suit the changing needs of your home and family.

“I think the success comes from the fact that the design isn't imposed - it's understated and leaves space for people's appropriation.” Julien De Smedt

Stacked is all about versatility and showing off your personal style. A modular design with almost limitless combinations, the stacked shelving system allows you to make a standout, customised feature of your storage.

From minimal sideboard set ups to expressive stacks that let you play with space, take a look below for some of our favourite combinations.

Muuto Stacked Shelving System option 2Muuto Stacked Shelving System Option 7Muuto Stacked Shelving System Option 1Muuto Stacked Shelving System

How would you configure yours? Choose from one of ten curated configurations or talk to one of our sales team to explore the infinite possibilities offered by the Muuto Stacked 2.0.

Also available is the Muuto Stacked Mini: a more compact version of the Muuto Stacked that’s perfect for smaller spaces.

Muuto Mini Stacked Shelving SystemThe Muuto Stacked Mini – infinite combinations for smaller spaces.

Already have a Muuto Stacked at home? We’d love to see how you’ve configured yours – share a photo with us on Instagram or Twitter by tagging us @nest_co_uk.