The Erik Jørgensen brand was founded in Denmark in 1954 by trained upholsterer and saddler, Erik Jørgensen. With an in-depth knowledge of materials, manufacturing methods and a keen eye for spotting trends, Erik's brand quickly became popular. Their expertly crafted furniture is now sold all over the world and is known internationally for its exceptional quality and innovation. Nurturing young designers has always been a top priority for Erik Jørgensen and it is one of the reasons they are so popular today. The firm hold design competitions for new talents each year, which has helped shape the careers of many prestigious designers, including Ernst and Jensen, Ditte Hammerstrøm and Gamfratesi. Today, Erik Jørgensen is run by Niels and Ole Jørgensen, and it continues to be driven by the same ambitions of renewal, quality, craftsmanship and tangible expression.

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