When it comes to original design classics, the demand never ceases and this is testament to their timeless quality and aesthetics. The Royal System was first designed by Poul Cadovius back in 1948, but still looks as current and stylish as it did over 50 years ago.

dk3-Royal-System.jpg The dk3 Royal System in a contemporary, minimal interior

When we first heard that dk3 were reviving this legendary furniture classic, it was music to our ears! It made complete sense to us that one of the world’s first wall-hung furniture systems - a mid-century classic - was coming back onto the market for us to enjoy.

“Most of us live on the bottom of a cube. If we put the walls even with the floor, we get a lot of space to live on”

In the 50s, the concept of wall storage was still fairly new and furniture tended to be just for the floor space. To Poul, walls were never a restriction and this was reflected through his design of the Royal System, a wall-mounted concept that could be arranged in a variety of combinations and compositions. The design was incredibly well-received around the world and is now referred to as a classic piece of design. In fact, it’s considered to be one of Denmark’s greatest successes in the furniture industry!

dk3-Royal-System-1.jpg The dk3 Royal System can be customised into a variety of different compositions

“Architect, designer, self-taught, inventor, innovator… the titles are many”

Born in Copenhagen in 1911, Poul Cadovius originally trained as a saddler and upholsterer, but found his true passion in furniture design. Highly ambitious and constantly seeking new challenges, it wasn’t long before Poul became a successful furniture designer, with a particularly profound influence in the Danish furniture industry. Before he passed away at 99 years old, he even managed to take out an impressive 400+ patents!

Dk3-Poul-Cadovius.jpg The great Poul Cadovius

Even in his personal life, Poul would always aim high and go the extra mile to achieve what he wanted. When he wasn’t designing, he liked to drive race cars or build yachts at his own Saghitta shipyard in Svendborg.

Reflecting on his design work and the life that he lead, Poul was and still is a man to certainly be admired and respected.

Revitalising a Danish classic
Originally, the Royal System was produced at Poul’s factory in Denmark and was under license in over 30 countries at the time. Taking this mid-century classic to the next step, dk3 have relaunched the shelving system in walnut and oak with the highest quality finish, making it ideal for both contemporary and more traditional home environments.

Whatever your storage requirements, you can either choose from a modern desk solution or a library of different cabinet modules to suit your space. The system is ideal for use in living rooms, home office spaces, shoffices and more, as well as larger commercial projects.

dk3-Royal-System-2.jpg The dk3 Royal System is available in sleek walnut and oak finishes

dk3-Royal-System-3.jpg The beauty of the dk3 Royal System is in its refined quality

The true essence of the original Royal System is reflected through the preservation of the stringers, hangers, sleeves and cabinets.

dk3-Royal-System-4.jpg It’s in the finer details with the dk3 Royal System

‘Shaped by nature and crafted by true enthusiasts’

Priding themselves on sustainability and their implementation of the finest carpentry traditions within modern and classic furniture design, dk3 are certainly the ideal brand to relaunch Poul’s design classic. With a love for the organic material, dk3 are recognised for their use of high quality wood, steel and brass elements that always look timeless. From the initial sketches, the furniture is produced onsite in carpentries in Denmark and surface-treated and finished by hand.

DK3-Production-Furniture-Maker.jpg The dk3 Royal System is surface-treated and finished by hand

dk3-Royal-System-detail-1.jpg The authentic dk3 Royal System bears the maker’s mark

There have been many attempts to recreate this iconic design over the years, but nothing quite makes the cut like the original and authentic Royal System.

To own your own piece of Danish design history, please visit the dk3 brand page and choose your ideal Royal System composition. For help and advice on this product, please email info@nest.co.uk, call 0044 114 243 3000 or get in touch via Live Chat.