Month-after-month, our Scandinavian Design page is one of the most-visited pages on our website and this isn’t likely to change anytime soon. Scandinavian design classics are some of the most sought-after and replicated of all designs in the industry, with influences from one of the most stylish parts of the world making their way into homes across all borders. But why is this?

We recently took a trip to the northmodern show in Copenhagen to get a feel for new brands and discover the latest developments in the world of Scandinavian design. Each and every time, there’s always something new and different to discover, yet some things never change. And that’s where the answer lies!

Designed for easy living

You’ve probably heard of ‘hygge’ - that warm feeling or atmosphere that is created by experiencing the good things in life… cosy family dinners, the warmth of candlelight or a quiet moment of contemplation with a good book. This renowned Scandinavian word plays a big part in the lives of the majority of Scandinavian’s, which probably says a lot for why places such as Copenhagen are some of the happiest places to live in the world. This feeling also translates across into the design world.

 Images of CopenhagenThe wonderful city of Copenhagen

Not many people are going to pick the difficult option over the easy solution to achieve the same result and this is exactly what Scandinavian design is all about. Designed for easy living, Scandinavian design is all about being comfortable and at ease, with functionality and practicality being at the heart of every design.

Not one to cry for attention, Scandinavian design is well-suited for us typically modest creatures. Rather than trying to break the boundaries by shouting from the rooftops, Scandinavian design achieves all of this with a whisper, making itself heard in ways that others don’t.

What to look for

With function being such a key factor in Scandinavian design, forms tend to be simple yet striking in both a visual and physical sense, with high-quality materials and traditional craftsmanship being at the forefront of the design process. You can expect to see plenty of clean lines, smooth curves and refined finishes.

The classic Carl Hansen CH20 Elbow ChairThe classic Carl Hansen CH20 Elbow Chair

Stereotypically, Scandinavian’s also have a strong connection to the outdoors, which is reflected in the style of the homes that they live in. Bringing the outside in, Scandinavian design is all about natural materials (think wood, wood and more wood!), plenty of daylight and plants and greenery around every corner. This deep-rooted love also extends to the sourcing and manufacturing processes behind each design, with sustainability and eco-friendliness being important principles in the buying process.

Plus, you won’t see any clutter in sight!

Make it yours

As with any style, there are countless ways of recreating the look to make it your own and reflect your personality. Different styles are continuously evolving to show new ways of thinking, whilst staying true to any original design influences.

We take a look at 3 distinctive Scandinavian looks that are loved by both ourselves and our customers to provide you with design inspiration for your home.

In touch with nature

With a love for traditional craft, Scandinavian design is largely recognised for the love and appreciation for high-quality, sustainable wood. From natural oak to solid walnut, many of Scandinavia’s iconic design classics demonstrate the beauty of expertly-crafted wood in exceptionally elegant and beautiful forms.

The beautiful Skagerak Sway Rocking ChairThe beautiful Skagerak Sway Rocking Chair

The Swedese Lamino Easy ChairThe Swedese Lamino Easy Chair has a slender and elegant form

Menu WM String Lounge ChairMenu WM String Lounge Chair

Taking inspiration from natural materials, the colour scheme is heavily-focused on earthy shades and warm tones, from sage green and muddy brown to stone grey and sandy yellow.

Crisp and minimal

When it comes to minimal Scandinavian design, the first brand that comes to our heads is Menu. Recognised for fluid lines, muted tones and simple yet intriguing forms, Menu describe their style as ‘soft minimalism’ and are focused on the clever details rather than loud or expressive forms.

Menu Turning TableThe highly-functional Menu Turning Table

Whatever the brand, this minimal style is all about clean, crisp interiors with plenty of white space, with neutral tones such as pale blue, soft grey or powder cream being brought into the mix.

The eclectic kind

Not many brands depict the feeling of ‘hygge’ to us as much as Ferm Living do and this is all down to their cosy colour palettes, cheerful graphic prints and interesting forms. This eclectic Scandinavian style is a little more expressive whilst still not trying too hard, taking bold elements of colour and print and incorporating them into warm, neutral interiors.

Bold graphic prints from Ferm Living

As well as bolder colours and prints, pastel colours have also made their mark in Scandinavian design. From lemon yellow and pale green to soft pink and sky blue, pastel colours are fairly flexible in terms of how you mix and match them with one another and can be brought into a variety of different styles of interior.

Muuto Connect Two Seater Sofa with Muuto Stacked Shelving System and Muuto Around Coffee TableMake your mark with fun pops of colour with the Muuto Connect Two Seater Sofa, Muuto Stacked Shelving System and Muuto Around Coffee Table

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