Tore Ahlsén

Swedish Architect Tore Ahlsén (1906-1991) along with brother Erik are considered two of the most recognised Swedish architects of the 1900s.

Growing up in the suburb Gröndal in Stockholm, Tore received an early insight into the construction industry where their father was a carpenter. Both trained first at the Technical School in Stockholm and later graduated from the architecture program at the Royal Institute of Technology as building engineers. Tore worked for a period at the Co-operative Association's architectural office, before starting a joint architectural office in 1937 with brother Erik. That same year they drew their first two houses in Uppsala, an early example of modernist architecture, a style in Sweden that became widely popular in the 1940s.

Probably most famous for his work with the Årsta Community Centre built in 1947-53, the buildings as well as the colourful paintings covering the walls facing the square were designed by the architect brothers. Their work included residential areas and especially a series of high-profile shopping centers, along with interiors and furniture.

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