Oslo based agency founded by Jonas R. Stokke and Øystein Austad producing work in product development, interiors, exhibition and industrial design. Other designers within the agency include Delphine Rumo, Linn Tale Haugen and Joachim Levin.

As designers they aim to create value through design, chasing function, cost-efficiency, sustainable aesthetics and environmentally sound projects. Gaining inspiration from materials, the client or project, everyday life or nature but most importantly through dialogue. They believe communication is the most important tool throughout the project, whether it is dialogues with producer, manufacturer, each other or anyone else with an interesting input. Dialogues within StokkeAustad are of positive nature: nothing is labelled as wrong or right, in the end the goal is to always get closer to the essence. 

StokkeAustad works with many types of projects with different clients including Casamania.