Stine Weigelt

From a forest house in a Danish railway town to Tanzania in Africa. From Memphis Tennessee in the United States to the Aarhus in Denmark. Stine’s upbringing has without doubt been culturally diverse and full of contrasts. Her background as a designer is similarly diverse.

Initially, Stine specialized in fashion design and textile knitting, but after a while she also acquired the title as industrial designer from Design School Kolding in Denmark. This gives her a unique take on how materials can engage in various constellation and functions.

Stine’s practical approach is build up around two actions – inventing and testing. Thus, new forms and expressions are often determined in the very meeting between Stine’s hands and the chosen materials, and she has as always been fascinated with how living materials has the ability of shifting form, colour or surface. To her, it is important to respect the fact that designers cannot and should not always try to tame the nature of materials – especially if you intend to create functional and appealing design that can be passed on from generation to generation.