Søren Refsgaard

Søren Refsgaard is focused on the details, because this is where superior design stands out from the merely mediocre. This is where skills, materials and the holistic approach become evident. Where one can enjoy a surface or a perfectly executed finish or see how a single component matches the larger whole. Because the holistic expression is Søren Refsgaard’s maxim and the quality he aims to capture in his designs, where nothing is left to chance, and every element, detail and construction principle has its reason.

Søren Refsgaard is a follower of the Scandinavian design tradition, where form, function and Scandinavian materials are applied to tasks and aesthetic. Very appropriately, his clients include both Danish and Japanese brands, based on the obvious kinship between Scandinavia and Japan, with care and quality as a shared foundation. New ideas emerge all the time, storing themselves in the Danish designer’s subconscious for later recall when they are triggered by the right task, energy or other key factor. Perhaps a detail from one project winds up the core idea in another. Perhaps a mood or the outline of an idea suddenly unfolds its full potential. And sometimes it is simply a matter of hard work, testing one idea after another before finally arriving at the best result. As part of a larger whole.

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