Paul McCobb

Born in New England, 1917, Paul McCobb later moved from Boston to New York City to pursue his ambition to become a modern furniture and industrial designer. Although self-taught, McCobb's deep understanding of perspective allowed for his future career to blossom.

McCobb's no nonsense approach to furniture design has made him synonimous with the American design movement in the mid 20th Century, where many of his designs helped reinvent interior design in the 50's and 60's.

Inspired by his childhood and youth in New England along with designs from the Shaker movement, McCobb's designs were arguably the precurser for functionalism in the 20th Century. The manufacturing process of each of McCobb's designs mirror the quality Scandinavian tradition of craftmanship. His aesthetic perfectly balances form and functionality, therefore creating timeless classics with distinct details that beautifully transition through generations.