Grethe Meyer

Grethe Meyer was a designer and an architect who won numerous awards for her work. She lived from 1918-2008, and was in many ways a pioneer woman, working in a highly male dominated field in times where some still thought of women as mediocre. Her work was very systematic and thorough as she analysed details like people’s eating habits or space limitations in their homes, and used her knowledge to create products that were not only beautiful, but also very much usable and practical.

In 1960 she founded her own architectural firm and began giving special attention to the everyday products for table and kitchen. Her work process was open and creative, and because she did not always have a clear idea of what the finished product would be, she was free to look at all the details – shapes, materials and colours – over and over and over again, and then once more, until she was convinced this was the right way. Her designs always had quality, personality and respect for the user.