Gabriele Mucchi

Born in 1899 in Turin, Gabriele Mucchi helped found the Realist Movement in Milan and was a central figure in it. He took part in the 5th Milan Triennale in 1933, with a fresco and the exhibit of his Winding Sheet Chapel. In 1934 he created the Via Marcora house, one of Milan's earliest examples of Rationalist architecture.

In 1935 he designed and built metal furniture, including the Genni lounge chair, now available from Zanotta. With Piero Bottoni he, and others, contributed to the experimental district, QT8, where he had a prefabricated house erected in 1947. In 1945 he built the Valera Fratta Farmers's House, with Bottoni and Pucci. In 1953 he built the Muscoline kindergarten.