Frandsen & Aagaard

Kåre Frandsen was born in Herlev, qualified as a cabinetmaker from PP-Møbler and as a furniture designer from DKDS, and Nicolas Aagaard was born in Holte and qualified as a business economist and industrial designer from CBS and DKDS respectively. Together, they comprise the design duo Frandsen & Aagaard, whose urge is to create designs with a strong cutting edge which at the same time are easy to grasp and simple. They find their inspiration in nature, give their workshop preferential treatment and agree that wood is the material they most like to work with. Despite their shared love of their workshop and wood, it is their persistence and differences that underlie their new designs. No matter if it is furniture, industrial products or jewellery, their aim is to surprise and tell a story. Design must do something new and be practical. For Frandsen & Aagaard, persistence, collaboration and concentration are the keywords for a strong cooperation.