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Tom Rossau

Tom Rossau

Self-taught designer Tom Rossau is based in Copenhagen, Denmark and has worked with light since 1997. 
The element of play always has been a key ingredient in Tom's work. He explores new ways of using materials to suit his perfectly executed light designs which are characterised by strong and mostly geometrical shapes. Aluminium, acrylic and plastic foils were materials used in his early career years, but since 2004 Tom has worked mainly with natural wood veneers. His collection of contemporary sculptural lamps in veneers builds on a long Scandinavian design tradition of wooden illuminators, dating back to the 1960’s and earlier. 

His beautiful collection was first introduced at the 2006 Copenhagen Furniture Fair. Since then more designs have been introduced, each piece being entirely handcrafted to Tom's uncompromising and meticulous standards.

View Tom Rossau ST902 Pendant LightTom Rossau ST902 Pendant Light
Was   £275.00 Now £233.75 ex. VATSave £41.25
View Tom Rossau ST903 Pendant LightTom Rossau ST903 Pendant Light
Was   £500.00 Now £425.00 ex. VATSave £75.00
View Tom Rossau ST906 Pendant LightTom Rossau ST906 Pendant Light
Was   £247.50 Now £210.38 ex. VATSave £37.12
View Tom Rossau TR10 Pendant LightTom Rossau TR10 Pendant Light
Was   £1,008.33 Now £857.08 ex. VATSave £151.25
View Tom Rossau TR12 Pendant LightTom Rossau TR12 Pendant Light
Was   £203.33 Now £172.83 ex. VATSave £30.50
View Tom Rossau TR19 Pendant LightTom Rossau TR19 Pendant Light
Was   £322.50 Now £274.13 ex. VATSave £48.37
View Tom Rossau TR5 Pendant LightTom Rossau TR5 Pendant Light
Was   £303.33 Now £257.83 ex. VATSave £45.50
View Tom Rossau TR7 Pendant LightTom Rossau TR7 Pendant Light
Was   £406.67 Now £345.67 ex. VATSave £61.00