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Thonet, creators of the iconic ‘214’ bentwood chair, are regarded as pioneers of modern furniture design.

The company was founded by master craftsman Michael Thonet in 1819 in Boppard, Germany. By 1836 Thonet had invented a process using steam to bend wooden shapes, which quickly resulted in the production of the classic ‘214’ bentwood chair. This was a revolutionary process that enabled serial production and international shipping for the first time.

The ‘214’ bentwood chair quickly became the most frequently produced chair in the world. In fact, 50 million chairs had been sold by 1930 and they’re still in production today. Legendary designer Le Corbusier hinted at the reason for the ‘214’s success by stating that ‘never before was something more elegant…and more fit for practical use created’.

Thonet furniture can be used in all environments and is particularly suited to public areas.

View Thonet 1190 Dining TableThonet 1190 Dining Table
£2,843.33 ex. VAT
View Thonet 209 ArmchairThonet 209 Armchair
£634.17 ex. VAT
View Thonet 214 ChairThonet 214 Chair
£451.67 ex. VAT
View Thonet 233 ArmchairThonet 233 Armchair
£669.17 ex. VAT
View Thonet 330 ST ChairThonet 330 ST Chair
£273.33 ex. VAT
View Thonet 404 F ArmchairThonet 404 F Armchair
£386.67 ex. VAT
View Thonet B 9 Nesting TablesThonet B 9 Nesting Tables
£1,404.17 ex. VAT
View Thonet S 285/2 Writing DeskThonet S 285/2 Writing Desk
£2,773.33 ex. VAT
View Thonet S 43 ChairThonet S 43 Chair
£290.83 ex. VAT
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