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Introducing Terence Woodgate ‘Solid’

Sep 16, 2014

“I am a modernist at heart, still preferring subtraction to addition. I still consider that art and design can make the world a better place.”

Terence Woodgate

Not one for making a bold statement, Terence Woodgate is known for producing thoughtful, unassuming and functional designs. After years of designing for other brands, he has recently released his first collection called Solid, which is comprised of perfectly engineered and beautifully simple lights utilising MEGAMAN LED technology. We are very proud to be welcoming Solid to our extensive lighting collection. To help you to get to know the man behind the genius, we asked Terence a few questions about his journey and how he landed at making his own collection…

‘Terence Woodgate Solid Pendant Light Walnut

Terence Woodgate Solid Pendant Light Walnut, £157

Here at, we are thrilled to be welcoming ‘Solid’ to our collection. We understand that you wanted to start your own brand in order to be in control of every aspect of the production process. Are there any other factors that encouraged you to venture out on your own?

It enables me to be more adventurous in terms of design and more exacting in terms of manufacture. It also gives me the opportunity to act more swiftly and directly. The brand has already benefited from the direct contact with retailers and users. Such direct feedback is invaluable.

The Solid collection is comprised of pendants and down lights made from Carrara and Nero Marquina marble, oak and walnut. What inspired you to use these simple materials?

I think because they are just that - simple yet noble materials that will last. One of the benefits of LEDs is that you can use them in close proximity to such materials. I used marble for some accessories I designed way back in the early 90s. I loved the touch and feel of the material. It has this wonderful provenance having been carved throughout time by sculptors, because it has the translucency of skin. Yet, I was still surprised how the spilled light from the LED managed to penetrate 12mm of Carrara to give a soft glow to the base.

Light Nero Marble

Terence Woodgate Solid Pendant Light Nero Marquina Marble, £197

You’ve partnered with MEGAMAN, one of the leading and most efficient LED lamp manufacturers. How did this partnership come about?

I have been designing professional technical lighting for museum galleries, offices and shops for many years. You get to know the good LED manufacturers. I designed an exterior light for Paviom and we used a MEGAMAN LED lamp that impressed me. MEGAMAN is a professional company that has only ever made energy-saving lamps.

You’ve previously stated that you’ve always worked within the Charles Eames model of design, which is to be aware of any constraints and to design within those. What constraints did you encounter when designing the Solid collection, if any?

I wanted to optimise the incredible efficacy of LEDs, so we worked hard on designing the fitting to allow the LED to work at its optimum. The life and efficiency of the LED is improved if you allow for cooling airflow to disperse the little heat which they create. Testing by the Lighting Industry Association proved the thinking.

One constraint, which I think is very important but often overlooked, is glare. We placed the LED deep into the fitting without compromising the beam.

You’ve received many design industry awards throughout your time as a furniture and industrial designer. Which is most significant to you?

Becoming a RDI (Royal Designer for Industry). It’s significant because ‘sustained excellence’ is the criteria and one’s work is considered by your peers and design heroes. Plus, there is no commercial influence whatsoever. There is also ongoing commitment, meeting up over the year to consider newly proposed designers.

We’re proud to sell a selection of your designs, such as the Punt Dot Sideboard and SCP Parallel Shelving System. Is there a particular design of yours that you’re most proud of?

I think like all designers, we feel most engaged with our latest design. It is where the sum of our skills and experience are applied; therefore I am very proud of Solid. I've had the chance to work with some great companies like Punt and SCP. The Surface Table for Established & Sons was special for the result, the experimentation and for working with one of the greatest Formula 1 designers John Barnard RDI. I thought I was exacting until I worked with John.

Light Carrara Marble

Terence Woodgate Solid Pendant Light Carrara Marble, £197

You established your first design studio in London in 1988, after training as a furniture designer at the London Guildhall University. Has your perception of design changed since those days?

I really don’t think it has. I am a modernist at heart, still preferring subtraction to addition. I still consider that art and design can make the world a better place. However, I am uncomfortable with design becoming fashion.

We understand that you are inspired by contemporary and 20th century modernist art. Are there any designers in particular that inspire you?

I am very much inspired by contemporary art. Design is a fusion between art and technology. Designers that get the balance right are the ones that inspire. Ingo Maurer is one lighting designer that I admire, mainly for his courage. The work of friends like Sam Hecht, Jasper Morrison, Ed Barber and Jay Osgerby is all inspirational.

How do you see yourself developing the Terence Woodgate brand over the next year?

The focus will be only on lighting, as it is such an exciting time with lighting going digital and the possibilities this presents for integrating with home control systems. We already have some exciting lighting designs in development. It is also our intention to invite other designers to work with the brand.

Brand Identity

Check out the Terence Woodgate Solid collection.

If you wish to find out more information about the collection, please call + 44 (0) 114 243 3000 (option 1) or email

Treat your garments

Sep 10, 2014

A clothing rack doesn’t have to be one of the last things you think about when furnishing your home. Instead of purchasing a rack just for its function, think about incorporating a statement design or something simple yet innovative into your home.

We’ve selected a diverse range of racks, stands and hooks based on aesthetics, but all with two things in common: strength and durability. Now that we’re into the autumn season in the UK, there has never been a better time to make a purchase that you may have otherwise not thought about.

Colour pop

Injecting colour into your home doesn’t have to be an overwhelming process and can be done through even the tiniest of accessories. Choosing a bright and colourful rack helps to draw attention to an otherwise ordinary product.

Muuto The Dots Coat Hooks

Muuto The Dots Coat Hooks - £95 for a gift set of five

Despite their function, The Dots are not to be fully concealed. These iconic coat hooks by Lars Tornøe are designed to be arranged decoratively on the wall, making them a wall feature as well as a practical accessory. To add a pop of colour to your home, The Dots can be purchased in exciting colours such as Tangerine, Yellow and Green.

Fritz Hansen Tree Coat Stand

Fritz Hansen Coat Tree - £738 in Multicoloured

The Fritz Hansen Coat Tree may appear to be light and fragile, but it’s actually a robust and practical design by Sidse Werner. The Multicoloured version still manages to be elegant despite its vibrancy and would look fantastic coupled with your brightest jackets and scarfs.

Zanotta 303 Aster Clothes Stand

Zanotta 303 Aster Clothes Stand - £390

If you want a more subtle version of the Fritz Hansen Coat Tree, then this clothes stand is the perfect choice. Designed by Alessandro Dubini, the Aster Clothes Stand is such a beautiful and carefully implemented product that it won the Good Design Award in 2010. Purchase yours in Red, Green or Light Blue to make this stand a significant and impacting feature in your room of choice.

Punt ElX Coathanger

Punt ELX Coathanger - £326 for coloured versions

Indicative of curved palm tree leaves, the intriguing hooks on the ELX Coat Hanger make quite a statement. To bring a hint of colour into your home, choose this curious design by Vicent Martínez in rich Red, Mustard, Blue or Green.


Country chic

The brand Another Country base their designs on the British country kitchen style and traditional Scandinavian and Japanese woodwork, whilst SCP are strongly focused on function and durability. Create a homely and traditional feel in your home with these wooden coat racks.

Another Country Peg Rail

Another Country Peg Rail - £145

If you are aware of the designs from Series One of Another Country, then you will recognise distinctive elements and features in the design of this peg rail. Each of the rounded pegs is turned in the same way as the furniture legs, which makes for an iconic and elegant product that would look the part in a cosy environment.

SCP Crosscut Coat Hooks

SCP Crosscut Coat Hooks - £71 for five hooks

The clever design techniques of Faudet-Harrison have resulted in a product with a minimal and understated appearance, yet a rather ingenious structure. The hooks fit neatly into cross cuts in the steel and sit perfectly level across the wall.

SCP Jeeves Coat Rack

SCP Jeeves Coat Rack - £185

The Jeeves Coat Rack is an articulate British design by Kay + Stemmer, as part of the SCP Boxed Collection. The clever miniature pegs are ideal for hanging keys, so you no longer have to search the house when you’re in a rush!SCP Timberly Hall Rack

SCP Timberly Hall Rack - £175

Everyone loves something that is nostalgic of their childhood and the Timberly Hall Rack is just that. Evoking memories of simple wooden toys and childhood building blocks, this practical rack features multiple grid holes, which allows the pegs to be moved. Designed by Rich Brilliant Willing, this excellent design features in the SCP 2011 collection.


Classic contemporary

Classic and iconic pieces from designers such as the Eames’ and Mathieu Matégot will always look contemporary in any environment, despite their growing age. Therefore, it is worth making an investment!

Gubi Mategot Coat Rack multi Colured

Gubi Matégot Coat Rack Multi-coloured - £119

Designer Mathieu Matégot was part of the French army, in which he got captured and was not released until 1944. After this time, he designed a multitude of contemporary and innovative designs, such as this fun and functional coat rack which combines organic forms and lightness to create a sense of joy.

Vitra eames hang it all coat rack

Vitra Eames Hang It All Coat Rack - £207

The Hang It All is instantly recognisable, as it was designed by the famous duo Charles and Ray Eames in 1953. Implemented as a design for children to hang up their belongings, the Hang It All has since become an iconic must-have in the home. Vitra and the Eames office developed Red, Green and White versions of the Hang It All to celebrate what would have been Ray’s 100th birthday in December 2012.Swedese Tree Coat Stand

Swedese Tree Coat Stand - £594 in White

Designed by Michael Young in collaboration with Katrin Olina, the elegant Swedese Tree Coat Stand has become an iconic symbol for stylish homes within Sweden. The fantastic thing about this stand is that it’s also ideal for hanging unconventional items from the branches, such as statement lighting or jewellery.

Zanotta 300 Sciangai Clothes Stand

Zanotta 300 Sciangai Clothes Stand - £660

The beautifully designed Sciangai Clothes Stand by De Pas, D-Urbino and Lomazzi is inspired by the traditional Chinese game Shangai, with the folding hangers simulating the starting process of the game. Simplistic and functional, this premium Italian design would look fantastic in a naturally-styled or minimalistic environment.


Modern simplicity

Simple doesn’t have to be boring and can sometimes make more of a statement than the more complex designs.

Sancal Pauli Coat Hanger

Sancal Pauli Coat Hanger – Large: £217, Small: £176

The Nachacht design studio was formed by the industrial engineers Mark Bergold, Julian Jaeden and Martin Schmid, who designed the Pauli Coat Hanger with Meccano in mind. This influence is instantly recognisable from the structure and appearance of the design, which is versatile for any environment.

ByAlex A Coat Stand

ByALEX A Coat Stand - £150

The British design brand ByALEX has one simple ambition and that is ‘Purity by Design’. Unzipping this notion, all of their designs aspire to be effortlessly functional, wonderfully simplistic and exceptionally crafted. The A Range featuring the A Coat Stand is pretty self-explanatory – it’s based on the A-frame.

Magis Birds on a wire Coat Hanger

Magis Birds on a Wire Coat Hanger - £250 for five hooks on polished aluminium bar

Magis are known for their quirky yet tasteful designs and the Birds on a Wire Coat Hanger is a subtle example of this. Although the coat-hanger is simple and refined, there is an element of playfulness about the design from Edward Barber and Hay Osgerby.Zanotta 350 servonotte Bedroom Clothes Stand


Zanotta 350 Servonotte Bedroom Clothes-stand - £355

Designed in 1986 by Achille and Pier Giacomo Castiglioni, the Zanotta 350 Servonotte Bedroom Clothes-stand is an elegantly simple and highly functional product. Despite being described as a bedroom clothes-stand, this graceful design would also add a sophisticated touch to any bathroom.

We hope this mini guide will help you to make an informed decision about which coat racks, hooks or stands will look best in your home. If you want to view a wider selection, then please visit the Hooks & Coatstands page or if you would like more detailed advice, please call + 44 (0) 114 243 3000 and choose option 1 or email

Christian’s Trip to DesignTrade

Sep 3, 2014

Last week, our Managing Director Christian Hawley took a short but exciting trip to Copenhagen for DesignTrade, the largest design and furniture trade fair in the city. We caught up with him to find out where he stayed, where he ate and most importantly of all, what he saw!

Collage 1

Upon arriving in Copenhagen, Christian and his wife Debbie headed straight to Relæ, an exceptional restaurant voted the 53rd best place to eat in the world. Two of the most memorable perks of this restaurant was the delicious local beer and the quirky pull-out cutlery draws, which also held the menu. After an afternoon of travelling and feeding their appetites, it was time to get a good night’s sleep. Christian and Debbie stayed at the First Hotel Twentyseven courtesy of Muuto, which is conveniently located in the city centre.


If you’ve ever been to Copenhagen, you’ll know that the majority of people ride bikes around the city. In fact, Copenhagen has been voted the best city for cyclists and is now officially the first Bike City in the World. As well as taking in the wonderful sights of people young and old cycling around the city, Christian also stumbled across the gravestone of Hans Christian Andersen, the world-renowned Danish author. He visited Illums Bolighus, a large interior store that can best be described as the Danish version of Harrods. Unfortunately, the third floor of furniture from design icons was closed, but there was still plenty more to see elsewhere.

Strøget is one of Europe’s longest pedestrian streets and features an abundance of shops from Gucci and Mulberry to the offices of Muuto and HAY. Christian was invited to a private dinner with the owners of Muuto, held in the attic space of their charmingly designed office. They enjoyed a feast of Danish food and French wine, before taking a tour of the office. One of Christian’s favourite aspects of the tour was the individually coloured rooms, designed to demonstrate different areas of the home.


The next morning, Christian was invited to view a selection of new Muuto products, including the Fiber and Cover Chairs. These designs are focused on comfort and simplicity, with the idea of creating strong identities from almost ordinary objects. He’s also got his eyes set on the Balance Vases, which are designed to stand as sculptural silhouettes with or without flowers. Afterwards, Christian made himself at home in the showroom, which was made to feel homely with plenty of foliage and fresh flowers.


The Sunday morning began with a short meeting at Muuto and a pleasant train journey to DesignTrade, which passed through the trendy Ørestad district of Copenhagen. Christian spied the eye-catching Bella Sky Comwell Hotel on the way, which is the largest hotel in Scandinavia. These fantastic sights set the mood for the rest of the day at DesignTrade, where Christian was immersed in new products from established brands such as MENU, Skagerak, Normann Copenhagen and La Chance. As pictured, the Rocky Credenza has a fantastic depth that is difficult to capture in photographs, but looks remarkable in person.


As well as seeing designs from well-known brands and those that we sell, it was also interesting for Christian to discover smaller brands with high-quality products. One of these was Plain Crafts by Søren Ulrich, who aims to create simple designs inspired by Scandinavian and Japanese woodworking tradition. Christian also met with Anne Rosenberg, the designer of beautiful Scandinavian textiles under the brand RosenbergCph. Featured at the show were perfectly-refined Canvas and Wool Cushions, plus soft Wool Throws. Anne Rosenberg is enthusiastic about being respectful to the environment and uses only high-quality, organic fine cotton.

Plain Crafts

More unusual designs were also seen during his visit. As pictured, the brush chair was one of the most unconventional of those and although it is a striking concept, it certainly doesn’t win any points for the comfort factor!

Ferm LIVING made a superb comeback with their new AW14 collection, which is designed for embracing the small and sincere moments within everyday life. This collection featured the vibrant Small Cabinet and Hook Candleholders, amongst many others. Most interestingly of all from other designers was the Danish Fuel Jerry Can, which is handcrafted and remade from old Jerry Cans. These are fantastic for a multitude of uses, making them both a versatile and unique choice for storage in the home. The Innermost Glaze Light was also presented in a new lustrous black finish, which creates a more current adaption of the original product. Innermost are all about combining British elements with influences from all over the world, which results in unique and exciting products.


Christian and Debbie ended their trip with a romantic meal at Geist, the restaurant where Christian proposed to Debbie 2 years previous. The atmosphere is relaxed yet alive with culture and enthusiasm, with the opportunity to watch the chefs cook in front of you. Christian enjoyed an eclectic dish of blue stilton with chocolate, which made for an unusual yet divine combination. One of the dishes also featured edible flowers, which is a rising trend within Scandinavia. Not only are edible flowers a healthy alternative to the ordinary, but they can transform the appearance of even the simplest of dishes and have an element of luxury too.


Overall, Christian and Debbie had an unforgettable time and arrived back in England with some fantastic inspiration for new products and potential new brands. Watch this space!

‘As Featured In’ – September

Aug 27, 2014

Featured in

It’s always exciting to see our products featured in the latest interior magazines alongside current trends and for September, we have been featured in magazines such as Grand Designs, Elle Decoration and Ideal Home.


Ideal Home September 2014

  cassina LC Casiers

Cassina LC Casiers Standard Storage Unit

A contemporary design with a timeless appeal, the LC Casiers Storage Unit works perfectly with the Claret trend as featured in Ideal Home. The feature encompasses rich red-wine hues for classic elegance.


Elle Decoration September 2014

 Atelier Areti Two Spheres Ceiling Light  

Atelier Areti Two Spheres Ceiling Light

Playing with the basic geometric elements of lines and spheres, the Two Spheres Ceiling Light was featured for a glamourous golden-age trend, which focuses on 1940s-style pieces.


Livingetc September 2014

 Moroso Paper Planes High Armchair in Saffron 

Moroso Paper Planes High Armchair in Saffron

Combining industrial and creative elements, the Paper Planes Armchair features a geometric folded graph paper design and is inspired by origami. It’s the perfect fit for the Sports Day feature in Livingetc, which focuses on basic graphic shapes with bold block colours.

Schönbuch Collect Make-up Table in Sand, Ivory and Rose

Schönbuch Collect Make-up Table in Sand, Ivory and Rose

The Collect Make-up Table is a soft and feminine design, which features in Livingetc as part of a Lilac theme. According to the magazine, lilac is the ideal colour for transitioning into Autumn and is slightly edgier than pale pink.

Foscarini Twiggy Floor Lamp in White 

Foscarini Twiggy Floor Lamp in White

Featuring a simple counter weight system for adjusting the height suspension, the sophisticated Twiggy Floor Lamp is a functional addition to any contemporary home. The Twiggy Floor Lamp was included in the feature ‘Perfect Panelling’, which focuses on panelled wood walls, form and function.

Artek 41 Paimio Armchair in White Lacquered  

Artek 41 Paimio Armchair in White Lacquered

This distinctive and intriguing armchair was included in a feature about the jewellery designer Monica Vinader. Not only is it a design classic thanks to its fluid waveform shape, but it was also designed for lung clinic patients for optimal posture and to aid their breathing.


Grand Designs September 2014

 Magis Pipe Bar Stool with Punched Steel Seat and Back in Polished Aluminium


Magis Pipe Bar Stool with Punched Steel Seat and Back in Polished Aluminium

This contemporary and chunky design by Jasper Morrison is featured in a trend page for soft greys and shiny metals. It is also available with a beech seat or in a green, white or black finish.

Gubi Gräshoppa Floor Lamp in Jet Black


Gubi Gräshoppa Floor Lamp in Jet Black

Designed by Greta Grossman, this classic floor lamp offers directional lighting with minimal glare.

Munna Cleo Armchair in Blue Grey


Munna Cleo Armchair in Blue Grey

Included within a ‘Deep Ocean’ feature for dark turquoise hues, the luxurious velvet Cleo Armchair is a unique and romantic product. It is part of the TIME collection, which features adventurous yet elegant designs for a striking impact.

ibride Luso Collection Tableware


ibride Luso Collection Tableware

Featuring decorative designs inspired by the French environment and travelling the world, the ibride collection is truly distinctive and ever-so-romantic. The Melamine plate as part of the Luso collection was included in the ‘Using your marbles’ feature, which focuses on trendy marble combined with cool hues.

Industrial Revolution

Aug 19, 2014

The industrial trend may have been around for a while now, but that doesn’t mean that it isn’t still relevant.

You don’t have to live in a warehouse or converted loft space in order to create an authentic industrial look. Picture exposed walls, patchy concrete, metallic touches, gloomy greys, wire chairs, raw wood and stripped-down lighting. This look works particularly well combined with fresh white walls or features, but for an injection of colour, add green fauna or furniture in a vibrant signal-yellow or rusty red.

Image board


The fantastic thing about concrete is that it works both in smaller amounts and on a larger scale, from whole walls of exposed concrete to subtle hints through vases and lighting.

1.Decode Heavy Light Dark Grey Red Cable - £288

The Heavy Light is visually simple, but highly intriguing thanks to the unconventional use of concrete. The red cable adds a subtle yet vibrant touch to an otherwise understated product. £288

2.Kristalia Boiacca Table - £4612

The unusual thing about this table is that despite being made of a heavy-duty material, it is surprisingly elegant and a strong contrast to the Decode Heavy Light. The concrete finish appears smooth and soft rather than rough and exposed and the thin table-top adds to its delicate nature.



Go for raw, imperfect wood in a light finish or rich solid oak.

3.Zanotta 7090 Raw Table - £5175

The ability to be able to adjust the position of the wooden staves makes this innovative product perfect for the unfinished and functional look of the industrial trend. The steel frame is bold and chunky and makes quite a statement on its own. £5,175

4.Northern Lighting Plank Suspension Light - £722

Constructed from pure, raw wood, the Plank Suspension light is a functional, simple and versatile light. The directed source of light can be placed on a wall in a formulated pattern, stacked on the floor or hung from the ceiling, making it a perfect buy for the creative individual. It is also eco-friendly and fits the aesthetics of an industrial style room.



Copper, steel, bronze… anything works in an industrial-style environment.

5.Tom Dixon Form Bowl Tall Set Large Copper - £145

You probably already know that the Tom Dixon Form Bowls are one of our favourite products at! The way in which the form bowls are bashed and battered into shape is rather aggressive and brash, which contrasts with the elegant and delicate shapes they are formed into.

6.Hay Hee Dining Chair - £141

The industrial trend is all about recycled pieces or materials that can be recycled. The eco-friendly HAY Hee Dining Chair is easily recyclable, but we hope you wouldn’t want to get rid of it! Wire chairs are almost like the skeleton of an unfinished design, stripped down to its most basic and pure form. This design is just that and comes in deep murky tones such as Army, Rust and Beige, as well as classic Black.


Hints of colour

As mentioned previously, signal reds and yellows are a perfect contrast in a grey warehouse-style room. If you’re feeling a bit more daring, experiment with other colours such as pastel pink or army green.

7.Flos May Day Utility Lamp Orange - £84

Exposed wires are a good way to create a raw industrial look. (And we don’t mean exposed in a literal sense!) The Flos May Day Utility Lamp has a practical handle which also acts as a cord reel. Highly versatile, the May Day lamp can be placed on a table, on the floor or suspended from a height. We love the Flos lamp in the rich orange version, which makes the product more striking than it already is.

8.Flos Parentesi Lamp Red - £197

Available in Red, White, Black and Nickel, the Parentesi Lamp has become somewhat of a design classic thanks to its simplicity and functionality. The aesthetic is focused around the practical properties of the lamp and is ideal in Black or Red.

9.Discipline Last Stool in Yellow - £176

You might be deceived into thinking this is a bin, but this doesn’t mean it’s rubbish! This eclectic stool is the perfect product to introduce to an industrial style room and is striking in any finish. For the ultimate impact, mustard yellow is the ideal choice.

10.Anglepoise Duo 1227 Floor Lamp in Red - £260

One of the most iconic design classics, the Anglepoise Floor Lamp in Red is elegant, stylish and a contemporary twist on a traditional product. It is also highly adjustable and guaranteed to last thanks to its impeccable quality.


We love

11.Moooi Carbon Outdoor Chair - £605

The structure of this stylish chair by Moooi makes it incredibly light in both a visual and physical sense. The interwoven layers are made from high-tech carbon fibre, for an intricate and striking appearance. Not only does this chair look the part for this particular setting, but its high-tech properties make it suitable in a functional and practical sense.

Favourites from Pinterest

Take inspiration from these industrial-style rooms.

Pinterest Board style

Top 10 Lounge Chairs

Aug 13, 2014

Since the lounge is where we spend the majority of our time relaxing in the home, it is important that the furnishings are stylish, robust and most importantly of all, comfortable.

Carl Hansen CH07 Shell Chair

From iconic design classics to the innovative and contemporary, we have selected our top 10 lounge chairs available at based on a number of different factors. Whether you are after maximum comfort or a striking and intriguing design, we have the ideal lounge chair for you within our extensive collection.

For comfort

Swedese Lamino Easy Chair

Swedese Lamino Easy Chair the looks are deceptive

At first glance, the Swedese Lamino Easy Chair doesn’t appear to be the most comfortable lounge chair in the world thanks to its lack of cushioning. However, the Lamino always surprises visitors to our Sheffield-based showroom when they take a seat! With a simple and elegant design and soft Skandilock Australian Sheepskin upholstery, the Lamino is a beautiful and well-loved piece by Swedese’s founder Yngve Ekström. The Off White version is our personal favourite, which can be complimented with a textured or patterned cushion.

Vitra Eames Lounge Chair

Vitra Eames Lounge Chair – a forever classic
We couldn’t forget this well-renowned design classic from 1956 by the legendary design duo Charles and Ray Eames. Sturdy, soft and roomy, the Eames Lounge Chair is the perfect choice for maximum comfort. The chair also has an executive feel to it, which gives it a sense of importance.

Modus Part Armchair

Modus Part Armchair – contemporary with a twist
This simple and contemporary design by Modus is one of our favourites here at Its chunky and uncomplicated structure makes this high-quality product a suitable choice for comfort. The crimson red feet add a quirky touch to an otherwise conventional design.

Zanotta 888 Gilda Armchair

Zanotta 888 Gilda Armchair – adaptable for you
Dynamic and functional, this attractive lounge chair can be adjusted into four different positions for optimum comfort. The structure is made from oak-stained ash, for a traditional and understated appearance.

For elegance

Fritz Hansen Ro Easy Chair

Fritz Hansen Ro Easy Chair Wooden Base – new love
‘Ro’ means ‘tranquillity’ in Danish, which is what the designer Jaime Hayon has tried to capture with this lounge chair. The arched back of the Fritz Hansen Ro Easy Chair is almost regal-like and allows for people to relax in their own private space. The Ro Chair was also designed to fit a parent and a child, which makes it ideal for a family environment. Available in subtle pink and light grey with a delicate wooden base.

Hay About a Lounge Chair Low AAL82

Hay About a Lounge Chair Low AAL82 - 4 Leg Base in Light Grey – Scandinavian simplicity
The smooth contours and simplicity of this design makes the Hay About a Lounge Chair a perfect choice for elegance and style. Combining form, function and comfort, the chair is practical as well as minimalist and aesthetically pleasing. We particularly love the Divina Melange Fabric in Light Grey, although the chair is also available in a Steelcut Trio Fabric in a variety of subtle autumn colours.

Onecollection Finn Juhl 45 Armchair

Onecollection Finn Juhl 45 Armchair - craftsmanship
Designed in 1945, the 45 Chair was one of the first chairs to free the seat and back from the frame. Iconic and simple, with a rich walnut base and traditional frames, the Onecollection Finn Juhl 45 Armchair is an ideal choice for sophistication in the lounge. We love the smooth and almost chocolate-like appearance of the chair’s frames.

For the WOW factor

Arper Leaf Lounge Chair

Arper Leaf Lounge Chair – organic elegance
It may not appear particularly comfortable, but the Arper Leaf Lounge Chair is full of surprises. The Leaf collection was designed under the notion that leaves are both nostalgic and forward-thinking. With subtle hints that demonstrate the irregular principles of nature, the versatile Leaf lounge chair tells a story, as well as looking beautiful. The Mocha Lacquered Steel version would be ideal in both indoor and outdoor environments. Be sure to purchase with the Arper Leaf Lounge Chair Seat Cushion.

Moroso Paper Planes High Armchair

Moroso Paper Planes High Armchair – it’s all in the detail
Inspired by the simplest form of origami and graph paper, the Moroso Paper Planes High Armchair is both a functional and extravagant design. Although the Paper Planes armchair has a thin fold-like structure, it is surprisingly strong and comfortable. We particularly love the Blue Crystal/Yellow version, which is reminiscent of the 90s contrasting geometric designs.

We love

Carl Hansen CH07 Shell Chair

Carl Hansen CH07 Shell Chair Oiled Oak – it will never age
A famous design classic, the Carl Hansen CH07 Shell Chair is a minimalistic and iconic lounge chair with a unique three-legged triangular base. Having recently celebrated its 50th birthday, the Shell Chair is evidently timeless and a design favourite for comfort and durability. We love this lounge chair due to the fact it can be adapted into both traditional and contemporary environments and comes in a variety of fabrics and finishes.

To explore our whole collection of lounge chairs, please visit our product page.

If you would like to make an enquiry about a particular product or would like advice on lounge chairs, please call + 44 (0) 114 243 3000 and choose option 1 or email

Tom's Top Bar Stools

Aug 12, 2014

Our Commercial Sales Manager Tom lists his most commonly sold and appropriate bar stools for trade.

We take a look at what makes these particular products so appealing…

Arper Catifa 46 Bar Stool

Arper Catifa 46 Sled Base Bar Stool
The Catifa 46 collection is comprised of sleek, contemporary pieces available in a range of smooth finishes. The Arper Catifa 46 Bar Stool is available in rich Wenge and Bleached Oak.

Kristalia BCN Bar Stool

Kristalia BCN Bar Stool
With a focus on comfort, the Kristalia BCN Bar Stool is practical as well as stylish. The bar stool is made of a highly strong and heat resistant plastic which is unusual in the furniture industry. Available in White, Black, Fluorescent Green and Red Coral.

Lapalma LEM Bar Stool

Lapalma LEM Bar Stool
Elegant and timeless, the Lapalma LEM Bar Stool is available in a wide range of materials and colours. At, we sell the bar stool in different varieties of wood, leather, laminate and hallingdal fabric, as well as in a lacquered finish.

Wrong for Hay Revolver Bar Stool

Wrong for Hay Revolver Stool
Dynamic and refined, the Wrong for Hay Revolver stool allows the seat to turn 360° with the footrest. The innovative design by Sebastian Wrong and design house Hay is available in Red, Black and Grey.

Meet our Retail Sales Consultant, Jo

Aug 6, 2014

Say hello to Jo, our friendly Retail Sales Consultant here at

Always arriving into the showroom in colourful, vintage clothes, Jo describes herself as a fashion fanatic and a lover of all things sweet. We asked her a few questions to get to know her a little better.

Jo Tricker

What’s your favourite thing about working for
The amazing products we sell and the team is fantastic! I am also excited about where the company is heading - the future is certainly bright for!

Describe your role at
It is my job to manage the showroom, organise and co-ordinate in-store events and help spread the word about My favourite part of the job is styling the space; I love working with all this gorgeous furniture on a day-to-day basis!

Do you have a favourite brand in store?
At the moment it’s Hay. I love the mix of bright and neutral colours, but it changes most weeks.

Name one of your favourite places to visit in Sheffield.
The Greystones pub - that’s usually where you’ll find me out of work. It’s a real Sheffield pub - everyone’s so friendly and they have a huge selection of Thornbridge beers which keeps my husband happy. I love living in Sheffield as it’s so close to the Peak District and there’s loads of nice places to eat too.

Jo Tricker

Where’s the most exciting place that you’ve travelled to?
My brother lives in New York, so I like any excuse to go and visit him. We hang out in Central Park, eat too many pretzels and of course I drag him around all the shops.

If you were a cocktail, which would you be?
A raspberry Daiquiri, because it’s pink and colourful.

How would you describe your look?
Vintage and colourful.

How do you like to relax?
I like to cuddle up to my Ragdoll kitten Arthur - I am a bit of a crazy cat lady!

Raspberry Daiquiri

Onto the quick fire round…

Summer or winter?
Summer… I hate being cold!

Night or day?

Cats or dogs?
Cats every time.

Savoury or sweet?
Sweet - I think 99% of my diet is sugar!

Facebook or Twitter?
Neither – Instagram.

iPad or pen and paper?
iPad… I never put mine down!

Want to speak to Jo about an enquiry? Email or phone + 44 (0) 114 2 433 000 (option 3).

Hay Mags Soft Modular Sofa

Q+A with Sebastian Wrong

Jul 30, 2014

A few weeks ago we were delighted to interview British designer Sebastian Wrong about his latest venture, Wrong for Hay.

Sebastian chatted away about the new collection, what his plans for the future were and what a typical day is like at the gorgeous Wrong for Hay headquarters in St. James Park, London.

Read on for the full interview.

Sebastian Wrong

Hi Sebastian, we’re delighted to be official stockists of the Wrong for Hay collection. Can you tell us a little bit about the venture and how the collaboration with Hay came about?

I was introduced to the Hay team by a mutual friend that was working with Hay at the time. He felt it was important for me to meet the rest of the Hay team as we shared similar interests and had a synergy with regard to age and experience etc. The initial meeting was in Copenhagen in June 2012 and there was no talk of a collaboration at this point, it was simply a chat. However it soon became clear that there were opportunities to explore and develop. We spoke about the possibility of looking into developing a lighting collection, however Hay came back within a couple of weeks and we chatted about the idea of developing something a lot more substantial, maybe even a whole collection. The concept spiralled from there really.

Wrong For Hay Hackney Sofa

Hay are known for its great designs at an accessible price point. How much of a role does price play in the Wrong for Hay collection?

Price is really, really important to us. We are aiming to democratise design and to produce items at a great price point. It can be argued that design is moving into a black hole, as it becomes even higher and higher in price. I mean how many people can realistically afford a £15,000 sofa? We don’t want to be like that, we want our designs to be accessible to all.

Wrong for Hay The Wooden Shelf office

The collection is instantly noticeable due to its use of bold, printed textiles from Nathalie Du Pasquier. Have you always been a fan of her work?

Yes, I have always really liked her work and I was aware of her work quite some time before our collaboration. A friend of mine at Apartmento magazine ran a feature on Natalie and suggested that we should meet up for a chat. Natalie is a pleasant, informal woman who is open to ideas so it was great meeting her. After our chat it was clear that there were many opportunities to explore. There was a revival on interests in the Memphis group, of which she is a member, and again it all spiralled from there.

Wrong for hay printed full cushion

Your offices are based in London. What are your favourite things about living in the capital city?

I have lived in London for, what, 30 years now. It is dynamic, multicultural, it has a lot of energy, a lot of diversity and a whole lot of opportunity, so I feel lucky to live here. I grew up on a farm in Hertfordshire so it is certainly very different! There is something for everyone and you never get bored but it can be exhausting at times.

What is a typical day like for you at the Wrong for Hay head office?

There is no typical day. I’m on the phone a lot, I’m in meetings for large chunks of the day with designers, suppliers and development. I also have to travel a lot for my work so I can be away from my desk for long periods. We are very lucky that we have beautiful offices and showroom in a Georgian townhouse overlooking St. James Park in London’s west end.

Wrong For hay dining set

What are your ambitions for the Wrong for Hay brand? How do you see the collection developing over time?

We want to grow steadily by producing good quality products at a great price point. The brand offers a diverse range of items from something super normal, to radical, colourful and expressive pieces. We want to explore all elements of the collection fully; expand the product family from within, in a way. For example, we are currently working on a ceramics collection which has 8 pieces, but this will inevitable grow to include many more items, and that’s what we want to do – produce a clear body of work based on quality. We want to refine every product as much as possible. Sometimes in this industry there is a tendency to follow your heart as opposed to your head and sometimes you have to pull back and see the bigger picture, think about the business side of things. Essentially you need to know when to stop. So, going back to your original question, I suppose essentially we want to be bigger and better, and a major player in the design industry.

Revolver Stools

Don’t forget that we’re holding a launch event at our Sheffield showroom for the Wrong for Hay collection. Join us this Saturday 2 August for British nibbles, a glass of fizz and the chance to view the colourful collection. Just head over to our showroom page for the full details.

Monza Beckons...

Jul 22, 2014

Our Sales Negotiator Ashlee recently visited northern Italy to explore the Zanotta factory and showroom in Monza and to take an exclusive peek into the studio of design legend Achille Castiglioni in Milan. Read on as we take you on a virtual tour of both!

Ashlee in Monza

Monza has been home to luxury furniture specialists Zanotta since the company was founded 1954, and today the area boasts a large factory dedicated to the company’s production facilities, and a spacious showroom too. It was fascinating touring the production site and to see the level of care taken over every single product that goes through the factory. The highlight for us was seeing the skilled leather workers prep the leather for the William Sofa – perhaps our all-time favourite Zanotta design. The leather is laid out while lasers electronically measure the hide to see if it will be big enough for its intended use. Then, after is has been cut out, the technicians painstakingly sew the leather together to ensure excellent quality standards. It was great to see one of our favourite designs take shape before our eyes!

After a wonderful tour around the factory (where we also saw an entire room filled floor-to-ceiling with Sacco Easy Chairs!), we were invited to a talk from Zanotta’s CEO, Gian Paolo Armana, who spoke openly and honestly about what the Zanotta brand meant to him and what his vision for the future was. It was a fascinating insight into one of the world’s largest furniture manufacturers and the plans for the future were very intriguing indeed!

Afterwards, we headed to the Zanotta showroom in central Monza so we could see the finished designs in the flesh. Again, it was a wonderful experience walking around the cool, calm space and we could have stayed for hours! Highlights included the Kilt Modular Sofa in deep charcoal grey and the Lama Chaise. See our snaps from the gorgeous showroom below.


Our second day began with a 15-mile trip south to Milan where we to took a tour of design icon Achille Catiglioni’s studio. We were exceptionally excited to visit the studio as, not only is it where many of the world’s great designs originated, but it has remained untouched since the designer’s death in 2002.

While walking around the cosy interior, what took us back the most about Castiglioni’s space was that he was a hoarder – books were piled high on every available surface, all his prototypes were collected and stored carefully away, and obscure statues, relics and quirky objects were visible in every room (his cigarette men, below, certainly raised a few smiles!). Knowing his simple, effective designs inside out, this is something that surprised us the most.


Accompanying us on our tour of the Castiglioni studio was his daughter, Giovanna, who provided us with interesting anecdotes as we wandered around her father’s old studio. Did you know that Castiglioni designed the Zanotta Primate Kneeling Stool for his wife who had back problems? And also that the Sella Seat was originally intended to be used as a telephone stool for the hallway? We felt honoured to be able to see this wonderful space and certainly recommend a visit if you’re in the Milan area!

To finish off our trip, we headed for central Milan to marvel at the city’s architecture and to enjoy some traditional Italian food before we headed back home to Sheffield. Thanks for having us Zanotta and Studio Museum Castiglioni, we can’t wait to come back! 


If you would like any more information on any Zanotta product, please email Ashlee who will be happy to help. Just drop her a mail to or give her a ring on +44 (0) 114 2433000.