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Q+A with Sebastian Wrong

Jul 30, 2014

A few weeks ago we were delighted to interview British designer Sebastian Wrong about his latest venture, Wrong for Hay.

Sebastian chatted away about the new collection, what his plans for the future were and what a typical day is like at the gorgeous Wrong for Hay headquarters in St. James Park, London.

Read on for the full interview.

Sebastian Wrong

Hi Sebastian, we’re delighted to be official stockists of the Wrong for Hay collection. Can you tell us a little bit about the venture and how the collaboration with Hay came about?

I was introduced to the Hay team by a mutual friend that was working with Hay at the time. He felt it was important for me to meet the rest of the Hay team as we shared similar interests and had a synergy with regard to age and experience etc. The initial meeting was in Copenhagen in June 2012 and there was no talk of a collaboration at this point, it was simply a chat. However it soon became clear that there were opportunities to explore and develop. We spoke about the possibility of looking into developing a lighting collection, however Hay came back within a couple of weeks and we chatted about the idea of developing something a lot more substantial, maybe even a whole collection. The concept spiralled from there really.

Wrong For Hay Hackney Sofa

Hay are known for its great designs at an accessible price point. How much of a role does price play in the Wrong for Hay collection?

Price is really, really important to us. We are aiming to democratise design and to produce items at a great price point. It can be argued that design is moving into a black hole, as it becomes even higher and higher in price. I mean how many people can realistically afford a £15,000 sofa? We don’t want to be like that, we want our designs to be accessible to all.

Wrong for Hay The Wooden Shelf office

The collection is instantly noticeable due to its use of bold, printed textiles from Nathalie Du Pasquier. Have you always been a fan of her work?

Yes, I have always really liked her work and I was aware of her work quite some time before our collaboration. A friend of mine at Apartmento magazine ran a feature on Natalie and suggested that we should meet up for a chat. Natalie is a pleasant, informal woman who is open to ideas so it was great meeting her. After our chat it was clear that there were many opportunities to explore. There was a revival on interests in the Memphis group, of which she is a member, and again it all spiralled from there.

Wrong for hay printed full cushion

Your offices are based in London. What are your favourite things about living in the capital city?

I have lived in London for, what, 30 years now. It is dynamic, multicultural, it has a lot of energy, a lot of diversity and a whole lot of opportunity, so I feel lucky to live here. I grew up on a farm in Hertfordshire so it is certainly very different! There is something for everyone and you never get bored but it can be exhausting at times.

What is a typical day like for you at the Wrong for Hay head office?

There is no typical day. I’m on the phone a lot, I’m in meetings for large chunks of the day with designers, suppliers and development. I also have to travel a lot for my work so I can be away from my desk for long periods. We are very lucky that we have beautiful offices and showroom in a Georgian townhouse overlooking St. James Park in London’s west end.

Wrong For hay dining set

What are your ambitions for the Wrong for Hay brand? How do you see the collection developing over time?

We want to grow steadily by producing good quality products at a great price point. The brand offers a diverse range of items from something super normal, to radical, colourful and expressive pieces. We want to explore all elements of the collection fully; expand the product family from within, in a way. For example, we are currently working on a ceramics collection which has 8 pieces, but this will inevitable grow to include many more items, and that’s what we want to do – produce a clear body of work based on quality. We want to refine every product as much as possible. Sometimes in this industry there is a tendency to follow your heart as opposed to your head and sometimes you have to pull back and see the bigger picture, think about the business side of things. Essentially you need to know when to stop. So, going back to your original question, I suppose essentially we want to be bigger and better, and a major player in the design industry.

Revolver Stools

Don’t forget that we’re holding a launch event at our Sheffield showroom for the Wrong for Hay collection. Join us this Saturday 2 August for British nibbles, a glass of fizz and the chance to view the colourful collection. Just head over to our showroom page for the full details.

Monza Beckons...

Jul 22, 2014

Our Sales Negotiator Ashlee recently visited northern Italy to explore the Zanotta factory and showroom in Monza and to take an exclusive peek into the studio of design legend Achille Castiglioni in Milan. Read on as we take you on a virtual tour of both!

Ashlee in Monza

Monza has been home to luxury furniture specialists Zanotta since the company was founded 1954, and today the area boasts a large factory dedicated to the company’s production facilities, and a spacious showroom too. It was fascinating touring the production site and to see the level of care taken over every single product that goes through the factory. The highlight for us was seeing the skilled leather workers prep the leather for the William Sofa – perhaps our all-time favourite Zanotta design. The leather is laid out while lasers electronically measure the hide to see if it will be big enough for its intended use. Then, after is has been cut out, the technicians painstakingly sew the leather together to ensure excellent quality standards. It was great to see one of our favourite designs take shape before our eyes!

After a wonderful tour around the factory (where we also saw an entire room filled floor-to-ceiling with Sacco Easy Chairs!), we were invited to a talk from Zanotta’s CEO, Gian Paolo Armana, who spoke openly and honestly about what the Zanotta brand meant to him and what his vision for the future was. It was a fascinating insight into one of the world’s largest furniture manufacturers and the plans for the future were very intriguing indeed!

Afterwards, we headed to the Zanotta showroom in central Monza so we could see the finished designs in the flesh. Again, it was a wonderful experience walking around the cool, calm space and we could have stayed for hours! Highlights included the Kilt Modular Sofa in deep charcoal grey and the Lama Chaise. See our snaps from the gorgeous showroom below.


Our second day began with a 15-mile trip south to Milan where we to took a tour of design icon Achille Catiglioni’s studio. We were exceptionally excited to visit the studio as, not only is it where many of the world’s great designs originated, but it has remained untouched since the designer’s death in 2002.

While walking around the cosy interior, what took us back the most about Castiglioni’s space was that he was a hoarder – books were piled high on every available surface, all his prototypes were collected and stored carefully away, and obscure statues, relics and quirky objects were visible in every room (his cigarette men, below, certainly raised a few smiles!). Knowing his simple, effective designs inside out, this is something that surprised us the most.


Accompanying us on our tour of the Castiglioni studio was his daughter, Giovanna, who provided us with interesting anecdotes as we wandered around her father’s old studio. Did you know that Castiglioni designed the Zanotta Primate Kneeling Stool for his wife who had back problems? And also that the Sella Seat was originally intended to be used as a telephone stool for the hallway? We felt honoured to be able to see this wonderful space and certainly recommend a visit if you’re in the Milan area!

To finish off our trip, we headed for central Milan to marvel at the city’s architecture and to enjoy some traditional Italian food before we headed back home to Sheffield. Thanks for having us Zanotta and Studio Museum Castiglioni, we can’t wait to come back! 


If you would like any more information on any Zanotta product, please email Ashlee who will be happy to help. Just drop her a mail to or give her a ring on +44 (0) 114 2433000.

Trend Focus: Marble

Jul 15, 2014

The design community’s love affair with marble continues as we welcome a new wave of products in this sophisticated material.

Marble has always been an important and integral material for the interiors industry. Going back to the 1950s, Saarinen’s Tulip Dining Table instantly became a worldwide must-have upon its release, then in the 1960s Flos began experimenting with the material and came up with three lamps that would go on to become future classics: the Arco Biagio and Snoopy.

Tulip Table

While the use of this material in the industry never ceased as such, it certainly has had a bit of a comeback in recent years.

Take for example E15, which uses marble in many of its side tables. The eclectic mix of colours and marble combinations in the Enoki collection is one to be inspired by – we especially love the soft mint paired with the milky white Bianco Carrara marble.


&Tradition also use this material in a fun and innovative way, using it on the Mass Lights to a dramatic effect.

&Tradition Mass Light NA6 Chandelier

British designer Bethan Gray has worked extensively with marble over the last few years and has created a unique range of tables with Thomas Turner that feature solid marble table tops and solid wooden bases. The Carve Coffee Table in grey marble with walnut base is a particular highlight.

G&T by Bethan Gray Carve Coffee Table Round Walnut

Most recently, Danish brand Menu and British brand Lee Broom are both using this material in its accessories – see the Marble Wall Clock, Chunk of Marble Candle Holder and On The Rock glasses for elegant examples.

Menu Marble Wall Clock

Lee Broom On The Rock Wine Glass-Champagne Coupe

While marble certainly isn’t cheap, there certainly is no other material that is as beautiful and as hardwearing. Once purchased, a marble product will not only withstand the flux of ‘trends’, it will also stand the test of time.

There are many types of marble available and, dependant on where they originate, have a different colour, texture and quality. Carrara marble is white-grey in appearance and is used heavily in the design industry for its gorgeous textured appearance. The unmistakable speckled green appearance of the Alpi Verde marble is also used in many designs. This particular marble looks especially good when used on a large, flat surface like the Tulip Side Table. Darker marbles like Black Marquina (as found on the Cassina Boboli Round Table) or Brown Emperador are also exceptionally striking and perhaps more unusual. These look fantastic when kept polished and shiny.

Cassina 475 Boboli Round Table

Whatever finish you opt for, you know you are investing in quality that will last for years to come.

Staff Summer Sale Picks

Jul 8, 2014

The Summer Sale is now in full swing and it’s great to see so many of you snap up some bargains!

There’s a whole lot of choice available on our site so if you’d like a little guidance, our team have put their heads together and have chosen their favourite pieces in this year’s Summer Sale. We hope you like them as much as we do!Established & Sons Bench

First up is our Managing Director, Christian Hawley, who has chosen the Established & Sons Bench from the popular Table, Bench, Chair series. Pick up one of these if you’re looking for something unusual and inspirational – it really is a masterpiece of design.

Wrong for Hay Hackney Sofa

Next our Marketing and Communications Director, Toni Sanderson, has opted for the Wrong for Hay Hackney Sofa in cheery Steelcut 2 Yellow: ‘It brightens my day; plus it’s super comfy, stylish and practical too. I want this in my life!’

Menu Flip Around

Antony Jackson, our Web Editor, loves the versatility of the Flip Around Table from Menu: ‘You can use it in any room, and the price is great too’.

Zeitraum Doze Bed

The elegant Zeitraum Doze Bed in walnut has been on Residential Sales Negotiator Ashlee’s list for a while: ‘This beautiful design with its floating grace is more than just a bed. It’s an invitation to linger.’ We couldn’t agree more – we’d happily lounge around in here on a Sunday morning!

 Kartell Bourgie Lamp

Our Warehouse Manager, Guy McKay, thinks you can’t beat a classic and has selected the Kartell Bourgie Lamp from Ferruccio Laviani as his top sale pick.

Artek 901 Tea Trolley

Our Sales Support Assistant, Chelsea, has opted for the classic Artek 901 Tea Trolley in white: ‘Simple, functional and beautiful, this design classic has been on my wish list for many years’.

Hay Pieces n Play Domino Set

Finally, our Digital Assistant Max Hawley has the Hay Pieces n Play Domino Set in his sights: ‘They are fun, quirky and can even be used as decoration!’

Get involved and let us know what your favourite item is in this year’s Summer Sale is. Get in touch on Facebook, Twitter or Instagram!

Q+A with Ercol's Edward Tadros

Jul 1, 2014

We have a very special blog for you this week as we share an exclusive interview with Edward Tadros - ercol's Chairman and grandson of ercol’s founder Lucian Ercolani. 


Not only that, we are also offering you the chance to win an ercol Butterfly Chair in black. Read on for the full Q+A, plus details on how to enter this fabulous competition.

Ercol is known worldwide for its use of lighter woods such as elm, beech and ash, but at this year’s Salone in Milan you introduced walnut into the collection for the first time. Why now?

Walnut is a very classical timber for furniture and has been used for centuries. We have had some quite playful variants on our Original range, especially with colours and fabrics, so we thought now it might be nice to try something different for the wood choice.

Ercol Walnut

Ercol has recently collaborated with Tamasyn Gambell and Timorous Beasties who have both designed contemporary upholstery for a number of ercol Originals. How did these collaborations come about - did you approach them, or them you?

These collaborations seem to come about more by chance meetings or conversations than by a careful plan! The first collaboration we did with Timorous Beasties was in 2009 for a show we did with Designersblock in Milan, and we have just kept in touch since then. Sometimes Paul Simmons from Timorous Beasties will call me and say ‘how about trying this’, on other occasions I call him. I think we met Tamasyn Gambell at Tent one year and asked her to do some fabrics for us. So the relationships happened very organically.

Tamasyn collaboration


The Originals collection has received a lot of press in recent years and its popularity is soaring, in both the UK and international markets. Is this something you envisioned for the brand?

I think we have been a little surprised at how well received the Originals have been. Especially in international markets where they are often perceived as being brand new designs and not pieces that have been in almost continual production for nearly 60 years!

How important is colour to ercol? Who chooses the colours that will make their way into the collection, and what is the process for this?

We try and use colours as a vehicle for always being able to present ercol Originals as ‘on trend’. We used Pantone’s Colour of the Year, emerald, last year but we didn’t much like this year’s Pantone choice (Radiant Orchid) so our Creative Director Rachel Galbraith went for yellow and navy blue. Both seem to be exactly right, especially the yellow which seems to occur in fashion with regularity.

Ercol Bar Stool

What is your earliest memory of your grandfather and founder of ercol, Lucian Ercolani?

I am lucky enough to remember Lucian as a very benign grandfather who gave me my first bicycle and, later, taught me the pleasure of drinking Chianti! But he was also absolutely instrumental in creating my interest and curiosity in art and design.


What ercol designs do you have in your own home?

I have all sorts from a 1932 prototype bench (you can tell it’s a prototype because the legs are cut off half way down!) to some of our new pieces with a large sprinkling of original Originals in the mix.

Finally, what is a typical day like for you behind the scenes at ercol?

My days, fortunately, seem to be very varied. As we try and grow our international business I have been travelling a lot this year. We’ve shown in Paris, Milan and New York so far. My son Henry, our International Sales Manager, has a 10 day show organized in Kortrijk in October and I shall spend some time there, and I will be going to join our distributor in Tokyo for the Tokyo Design Week in November. In the office, time seems to be spent talking with our MD, Nick Garratt, going over current progress and our future plans. I still like to go around the factory frequently and see what is going on, there is nothing more important than keeping in touch with our craftsmen and women.

We’re delighted to be able to offer you the chance to win your very own piece of ercol with our latest competition.

Win an Ercol Butterfly Chair

To win an original Butterfly Chair in black all you need to do is answer the following question.

What wood type did ercol use for the first time at the 2014 Milan Salone del Mobile?

Just email your answer for a chance to win. Please see below for the full competition Terms & Conditions.

Competition closes 16 July 2014. A winner will be chosen at random from all correct entries and the winner will be notified by email no later than Monday 21 July 2014. By entering our competition you agree to be signed up to the weekly newsletter. Please rest assured we will not share your email address with any third parties.

The Brutal and Beautiful

Jun 25, 2014

For the launch of Sheffield Design Week, the team at Nest were invited to the opening night of English Heritage’s latest exhibition, Brutal and Beautiful.

Park Hill

Located in the charming Park Hill flats, the exhibition celebrates English architecture in the post-war period, predominantly focussing on the north of England.

For architectural fans, the exhibition is a delight. Two large projector screens tell the architectural tale of the north with slides dedicated to such design gems as the Preston Bus Station, Cromwell Tower and Bracken House, while the large-scale photography really shone against the exposed Park Hill walls.

Park Hill

There were too many beautiful buildings on show to mention them all here, but two particular highlights for us were the British Gas Engineering Research Station at Tyne and Wear, and the Trellick Tower at the Cheltenham Estate in Kensington – two very different, but exceptionally inspiring buildings which have been favourites of ours for a while.

Park Hill

The grade II listed British Gas Engineering Research Station, pictured on the right above, has always been, and continues to remain, an important part of the Tyne and Wear landscape. Designed in 1966-7 by Ryder and Yates, the building was one of the first modernist buildings to integrate aesthetic architecture with engineering and servicing. It was built with a distinct purpose – namely to hold the research facilities of British Gas – but it had a very distinct idea of aesthetics from the start. Its white concrete, boxy shape resembles the work of Le Corbusier, it has an extravagant entrance drawbridge and the six rooftop funnels really add to the modernist feel.

The Trellick Tower, seen on the right in the picture below, while exceptionally different in terms of composition and style, is equally impressive. Designed in 1968-72 by Ernö Goldfinger for the Greater London Council, this is the kind of building most people associate with the term ‘Brutalism’. It is flat-dwelling, yet on an exceptionally large-scale. The most predominant point to be made about the Tower is that it is a building that works all the way through – the lifts are separated away from the flats making it as efficient as it can possibly be.

Park Hill

If we’ve left you wanting more, head over to the fantastic exhibition at Park Hill before 29 June. Plus don’t forget to look out for our gorgeous basalt grey DSW chairs in situ that we loaned for the exhibition.

Park Hill

All images: Sheffield Design Week

When Tom Met Tom

Jun 19, 2014

It’s not often that we get to leave the office to visit our friends in London, so it was with great pleasure that two members of the Nest team were able to attend the launch of the new Club collection at Tom Dixon last week.

Tom Dixon Studio

Let me set the scene a little: Tom Dixon are based at Portobello dock in Ladbroke Grove, a former Victorian barge refuse transfer depot. The site straddles the Grand Union canal and was, historically, a very important part of London’s infrastructure. The building was later purchased by non-other than Richard Branson and was eventually converted to a recording studio for his Virgin Records label. The area now occupied by the Tom Dixon shop was the recording studio and played host to the likes of The Spice Girls and Mariah Carey in its day! Today, quirky British designer Tom Dixon has set up shop in the space - an Aladdin’s cave packed full of goodies that shine in varying degrees of metallic perfection.

Tom Dixon

After a glass or two of champagne Tom pops his head in and gives us a splendid talk of the latest happenings at Tom Dixon HQ. There is talk of a new era of mass production, moving away from the more craft-based products Tom Dixon has built his name in. There is the underwater furniture factory in the Bahamas - ethically challenging but progressive all the same. Then there’s the Milan survival pack he designed in conjunction with Adidas - all you need to survive a week at the Milan Design Fair – and eventually his venture into perfumery. So it would seem there is plenty going on in Tom’s world.

Tom Dixon Range

After an eloquent presentation, we get to explore the new collection. Shiny, metal and simple; three design principles that we have come to know Tom Dixon for over the years are represented in the new range. The lights hang in front of us in a row like gleaming Christmas decorations, so elegant and simple they would not look out of place in an Art Deco building, yet versatile enough to work just as well in a contemporary setting. Tom Dixon always seems to anticipate a small opening in the market and prizes it open for others to follow.

Tom Dixon Range

Tom Dixon chandelier

Tom Dixon chandelier

In addition to the Plane lights and chandelier we were very excited to see the Y chair and Trace table. The Y chair marks a new direction for Tom, away from designer-maker and into mass manufacturing production - in his own words they are now, officially, a ‘proper manufacturer’!


Y Chair

The Y chair is of particular interest as Tom Dixon has not yet made a dining chair for mass production. It’s certainly striking, and despite what you may think, surprisingly comfortable. I only say this as a good looking chair is one thing, but comfort is everything! Made from glass reinforced nylon the chair should hold up well in high use areas such as restaurants. I urge you to spec the black version, it looks like Batman’s chair…

Y Chair

The Trace table is also a winner from the new collection – it has a very graphic, very clean form made using UV bonded and ceramic printed glass sheets. The Tom Dixon website says this creates an ‘ethereal moiré pattern’ - I’ll take their word for it. I just know I like it.

As well as the new pieces, there are also some reworked versions of best sellers on display in the Dock. The Beat light collection was launched last year in shimmering brass, joining the matt black and glossy white finishes and is now also available in grey with silver internals - so if the golden glow was stopping you specifying the fitting, you can now consider it.

Beat Light

One of our favourites, the Etch shade, is also now available in black. The pendant hanging system allows you to hang more than one fitting from a single ceiling mounted ‘rose’ which also incorporates and housed the electrical connections - great for creating groups of lighting in halls, receptions and stairwells.


Drawing my eye to the back of the room is a rather beautiful collection of Cell wall lights installed together across the wall like a space-age version of the Blockbuster board. Using the lights in this way works so well, I’m not usually a ‘gold’ fan but the light quality and visual effect draws me in like a moth to a neon sign.

Cell Wall Lights

But alas the time came to leave and, like Cinderella, I must not miss my carriage or I will be sleeping on a bench in St Pancras station!

I hope this has given you some food for thought, made you smile, made you want to visit Tom Dixon or made you want to contact me to place an order… please select the appropriate.

Thanks for reading!

For all trade enquiries, please contact Tom Crookes at or call him on + 44 (0) 114 2433000.

Sheffield Design Week

Jun 18, 2014

We’re delighted to be partnering with Sheffield’s premier design event, Sheffield Design Week, this June.


Running from 23 – 29 June, Sheffield Design Week is a city-wide programme of events that aims to celebrate design in all its forms. It acts as a collaborative platform to increase the awareness and appreciation of design, while bringing a fresh audience to the design scene. The seven-day festival will host an array of local, national and international design, architectural and creative names and will showcase all disciplines of design, from architecture to product design and more. There will be an exciting programme of events, including exhibitions, workshops, talks, design conferences, installations, product launches, open studios and walking trials throughout the week, so keep an eye on the Sheffield Design Week events page for all the details!

Sheffield Design Week

We’re thrilled to be a major part of the event and to celebrate we’ll be hosting an Open Week at our Sheffield showroom from Tuesday 24 – Monday 30 June where there will be a selection of drinks and nibbles on offer throughout the week. In addition to this, we’ll also be holding two exclusive In Store Sale Preview days where you’ll be able to shop our collection at the reduced Summer Sale prices before anyone else! To take advantage of this opportunity pop over to the showroom on Saturday 28 and Monday 30 June between 10am and 5pm.

Discover the Nest team’s top events below – we hope to see you there!

Yorkshire in Yellow

As Yorkshire counts down to the Grand Départ of the Tour de France this Summer, the Millennium Gallery will debut a major new display inspired by the Tour’s most iconic symbol - the Maillot Jaune, the Tour’s yellow jersey.

31 May – 7 September 2014 at the Millennium Gallery

Maillot Jaune

Brutal and Beautiful: Saving the Twentieth Century

From cathedrals and private houses to printing works and art galleries, this exhibition by English Heritage celebrates the post-war era and its finest listed buildings, with a special emphasis on the north of England.

23 – 29 June 2014 at Park Hill

Park Hill Image

I Like it. What is it? Anthony Burrill

Graphic artist, print-maker and designer Anthony Burrill is known for his persuasive, up-beat style of communication. His work is held in the permanent collections of the Victoria and Albert Museum in London and the Cooper-Hewitt National Design Museum in New York, and has been exhibited in galleries around the world. Check out his latest prints at this exclusive exhibition. This film, below, by Andrew Telling, outlines the thinking behind Anthony’s latest book, ‘I like it. What is it?’.

21 June – 9 August 2014 at the Made North Gallery

Beat the Architect LEGO Competition

See if you can ‘Beat the Architect’ in the Love Architecture competition held at the LEGO store in Meadowhall. Watch architects race to build a model against the clock and then see if you can beat their time to win a fabulous prize! Children and parents both welcome.

22 June 2014 11:30am – 4:00pm at the LEGO store in Meadowhall


Oh Sweet City

The recent collaboration between The Sheffield Honey Company and creative studio DED sets to delight both tongue and eye. The exquisite new, locally produced ‘urban honey’ is to be housed in a limited edition pot in the form of the iconic ex-towers at Tinsley - a power pot of gold, for a sweet city summer.

23 June 2014 7pm – 9:30pm at 99 Mary Street

Sheffield Honey

Pick up your Pencils!

Jun 11, 2014

Pick up your pencils and join us this Summer for a special programme of events organised by Museums Sheffield!

Drawing the Summer is a city-wide programme of events aimed at getting us sketching, doodling, and generally getting creative this Summer and we’re proud to be its official sponsors!


There are a number of exhibitions, talks and workshops to get involved in across Sheffield until September, with activities for all age groups and interests. We have chosen our top 5 activities from the programme below – we hope you will be able to join us for some of them!

Drawing with Thread
Topping our list is Drawing the Thread, a workshop led by textile artist Roanna Wells which explores the idea of using hand embroidery as a drawing tool. Roanna will teach all participants how to turn technical stitches into abstract marks to create a unique textile piece.

12 June at the Millennium Gallery 1 - 4pm

Charcoal Figure Drawing
This relaxed workshop is aimed at those who have always wanted to have a go at figure drawing. Led by artist Carole Baugh, Charcoal Figure Drawing will explore the ancient tradition in an informal way, making it suitable for all ages and abilities.

17 July at the Millennium Gallery 1 - 4pm

Everything but the Scent – the Art of Botanical Illustration
Nature lovers will relish this opportunity to work alongside Sheffield Florilegium Society for an introduction into botanical illustration. Working from fresh plant specimens, society members will share their techniques for creating detailed, and scientifically accurate, sketches.

23 July at the Graves Gallery 1 - 4pm

Quick on the Draw
Quick on the Draw is a family activity aiming to prove that everyone can draw! There will be a host of games and activities planned that will get you sketching away, no matter what your ability.

14 June at the Winter Gardens 10am – 4:30pm

Sunday Sketching in the Pub
Take a trip to the legendary Sheffield Tap for a relaxing afternoon of sketching and drawing. Surrounded by impressive Edwardian plasterwork, fancy chandeliers, and a microbrewery there’s plenty to keep those pencils doodling! There will be a short introduction at 1:30pm, but you can pop in throughout the afternoon. Artistic help will be on hand for those who need it and all materials will be provided.

13 July at the Sheffield Tap 1:30 – 4pm

If our top 5 has whet your appetite, head over to Museums Sheffield for a full run down of events.

If you have a spare two minutes we also recommend you watch this sweet animation from Museums Sheffield which introduces some of the activities taking place this Summer.

We hope to see you there!

On Your Bike!

Jun 4, 2014

Cycling fans rejoice, Barnsley Civic is celebrating Yorkshire’s involvement in this year’s Tour de France with its latest exhibition, Bikeshow.

Barnsley Civic

For the first time in its hundred and ten year history the Tour is setting off in Yorkshire, and to celebrate Barnsley Civic has curated a fantastic exhibition to coincide with the event. Bikeshow delves into the history of the race in a fun and interactive way and explores that latest technological and design-led advances in the sport. We are proud to be involved in the exhibition, having loaned some bike-related products, and we took the trip to discover what the rest of the show had to offer.

Bike Show

An estimated worldwide audience of 3.5 billion, a track over 3,600 kilometres long, 21 gruelling stages – these are the type of stats you are greeted with upon entering Bikeshow. Joined by a set of cheery illustrations that make the race seem all the more real, the mix of stories and stats are engaging, funny, and at times downright unbelievable. We enjoyed walking around the space, discovering more and more as we went.

Bike Show

Bike Show

Further along the exhibition space come the framed woollen jerseys, vintage pieces that for devoted cycling fans bring nostalgia and joy all at the same time. It was a beautiful display and we just couldn’t stop ogling them!

Woollen jerseys

After holding back for so long we were desperate to see all the bikes on show. Designer Philippe Starck’s Pibal bike was all kinds of wonderful in the flesh, as was Ross Lovegrove’s bamboo offering, Bamboo Bicycle, but there was so much more to see too!

Bike Show

Bike Show

The exhibition also holds a number of other products that have either inspired bike designs or vice versa. Our Thonet 214 Chair was proudly on display as the inspiration for Andy Martin Studio’s bentwood bicycle, as was our Zanotta Sella Seat – a classic stool from Achille Castiglione that makes excellent use of a Brooke’s leather bike saddle for its seat. Further displays included the Knoll Wassily Chair for its use of tubular steel, as well as a host of other pieces.

Thonet 214 Chair, Zanotta Sella Seat

Bike Show

We highly recommend a visit to the exhibition as there’s lots to see and do, whether you are a devoted cycling fan or not. The exhibition runs from 16 May to 12 July, so be sure to pop in on your way to the Grand Départ!