Help bring your garden to life with classic and contemporary outdoor furniture, lighting and home accessories.

The garden is a place where some of the best memories are made, from family barbeques and summer buffets to afternoons of relaxation and play. It’s also one of the few places in the home that is constantly changing, with flowers and plants flourishing throughout the warmer months.

Relax - Sun loungers, armchairs and sofas
Whether you like to read, listen to music or simply enjoy the warmth of the sun, your garden is the ideal place to sit back and relax. Our outdoor sun loungers, armchairs and sofas offer maximum comfort, whilst being timelessly stylish and durable.

Skagerak Virkelyst Chair & Pouf, Kettal Outdoor Basket Armchair, Skagerak Float Lounge Chair, Skagerak Riviera Sun Lounger

Eat - Dining chairs, tables and accessories
Outdoor dining is one of the best ways to socialise with friends in the summer months, so why not do it in style? Whether you’re looking for an outdoor dining set or accessories to help you host the perfect barbeque or party, our contemporary collection of outdoor furniture and accessories will help you to fulfil your needs.

Vitra Vegetal Chair, Kettal Village Club Armchair, EMU Grace Armchair and Table, EMU Shine Armchair and Extendable table

Lighting - Floor lamps, wall lights and pendants
When the sun begins to set, you’ll want the right lighting in your garden to create the perfect atmosphere. From floor lamps to wall lights and pendants, we have something to suit every garden.

Foscarini Gregg Outdoor Lamp, Foscarini Havana Outdoor Suspension Light, Louis Poulsen AJ50 Outdoor Wall Light

Decorate and play - The finishing touches
Even adding something as simple as a new plant pot to your garden can help to transform the look and feel of your outdoor space. This can and should also be the case for outdoor play apparatus, which can sometimes be difficult to find in the right aesthetic. Skagerak provides a solution to this problem with their simple, contemporary and durable outdoor play apparatus.

Menu Wire Plant Pot, Skagerak Akiko Football Goal and Petanque Set

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