Unlock inspiration as we explore how to embrace personal style and infuse character into your living room. Which style will you choose?

Our living room(as with our kitchen), is no longer just a place to sit but a place to entertain friends, gather with family, work, sometimes eat and unwind – it is now more important than ever to have key and functional décor to suit our needs for such a versatile space. Find inspiration within our living room edit to update your space into a room to be proud of.

Get reacquainted with retro

Acclaimed for a vivacious use of colour, flamboyant furnishings and exquisitely intricate patterns – retro décor has never been for the faint hearted. However, introducing a retro touch to your living room needn’t be overwhelming. Opting for a cool mid-century chair by one of the greats (Eeero Saarinen, Charles and Ray Eames and Arne Jacobsen) allows you to accentuate a nostalgic touch without over doing it. The Knoll Womb chair will add irresistible retro charm with its bold, sweeping curves whilst being an investment piece that will serve you for generations to come!

Be mindful to avoid the feel of a cold design museum, by combining newer elements in with the old to keep your living room feeling fresh and contemporary. As for colour, retro decorating is all about dominant colours and great visual texture, so if you’re feeling brave then experiment with a strong colour theme to make your living room pop with grooviness - think bold blues, zesty yellows and energetic orange hues.

Room Edit - Living Room Retro.jpgSource; 1, 2.

Keep it cool with minimal Scandinavian

Consumed by simplicity and tranquillity, there is nothing quite as serene as a Scandinavian living room. When it comes to Scandinavian design – white is always right! A white backdrop provides a light and breezy atmosphere that highlights simple furniture and carefully placed accessories. Avoid your living room becoming too bland and break up the monotony of monochrome by introducing sharp pops of colour in the form of simple accents such as structural patterned rugs and beautifully coloured cushions to cheer up your room.

Discard unnecessary furnishings and accessories in favour of clean lined, linear furniture - Opting for a Vitra Eames rocker accentuates a tranquil environment through its soothing motion whilst being an example of the beautifully bold and structured shapes that are favoured by Scandinavian design.

Room Edit - Living Room Minimal Scandi.jpgSource; 1, 2.

Timeless Design

As relevant today, as it was yesterday and will be tomorrow – a timeless living room will stay forever fresh. Resistant to trends and fads, a timeless décor is designed to be highly beautiful, functional, and everlasting. Steer away from bold colours and busy patterns, instead head towards a neutral colour scheme – combine classic and modern items together to create a space that is simple yet sophisticated.

Your furniture should empower your living room and not overpower it, opt for pieces that are perfectly scaled and in proportion with your room to captivate a sense of balance and order. Fewer lamps have a greater everlasting appeal than the Louis Poulsen AJ floor lamp, a true modern classic designed by Arne Jacobsen that is beloved for its surprising versatility and sculptural appeal. You needn’t ever worry about this floor lamp ever going out of style thanks to its timeless design and sought after place in design history.

Room Edit - Living Room Classic.jpgSource; 1.

Mix and match with quirky cool

With so many décor styles around, it’s hard to choose just one so why not mix and match between them all to create a personal space full of personality. Combine the old with the new, the scandi with the decadent and the electric with the minimalism. When it comes to creating your own wonderland, let’s break the rules. It’s all about experimenting with patterns, textures, colours and furnishings from all era’s and styles until you find your ideal match. Be smart with your furnishing choices to avoid the appearance of a jumble sale, decorations and colour schemes should enhance each other for the perfect eclectic ambiance.

The Flos Arco floor lamp, a centrepiece that nestles seamlessly in to any décor. Unmistakable by its hefty marble base and elegant sweeping stainless steel neck, the Flos Arco will enrich a space with its versatility – a statement piece sure to add a bit of oomph to any living room.

Room Edit - Living Room Cool Mix.jpgSource; 1.

It’s all in the details

Accessories are the jewellery of any living room, they transform a space into your home and are the very final finishing touches of colour, texture and shape that can impact a decor. When it comes to accessorising, you shouldn’t treat it as an afterthought as decorations can pull a room together – it’s a make or break situation. There’s no need to clutter your walls and shelves with decorations, keep it simple and personal with a few bold statement items that truly reflect your own charm and personality.

Room Edit - Living Room Accessorise.jpgSource 1, 2.

Add a touch of technology with the Serif TV

Shunning away from the standard super-slim mould of televisions of today, the Serif TV is a breath of fresh air in terms of technology. If you’re looking for a charming design that blends seamlessly into your living space, then look no further – the Serif TV has closed the gap between furniture and technology.

This TV takes its quirky form from the letter ‘I’ in Serif font (hence the name), its solid presence surrounds itself in a stylish frame that is retro yet impeccably slender in appearance. This radical TV can be styled to your preference, if you’re after a more classic approach then display it on the four simple spindle legs that come included for a nostalgic look. You needn’t worry about the chaotic mess of TV ports, connectors and wires as a fabric panel encapsulates all of this on the back of the TV for a fuss-free and neat appearance – the Serif TV really is a radical form of beauty and simplicity.

Room Edit - Living Room Serif TV.jpgSource 1, 2.

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