As the Summer months are in full swing, it’s time to smarten up your guest room in preparation for an endless stream of Summer-time visitors. Whether you’ve got a cosy nook or a spacious spare room, there’s no need to stress – we’ve got all the tips and inspiration you’ll need to give your guests (and you) a blissful and carefree nights sleep.

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A sofa bed in disguise

First things first, your guests are going to need to sleep on something – sofa? Bed? Or why not be guest ready at the click of your fingers with a sofa bed. Away with the nights of wobbling on blow-up mattresses or contorting on corner sofas and instead, in with the nights of a snug sofa bed snooze that is sure to make guests feel home from home. As the days of uncomfortable and clunky sofa beds are long gone, the sofa bed can easily be used as your main sofa for homes with limited space – winner! Let us introduce you to our top 5 sofa beds:

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Room Edit - Guest Room - Softline Frame Bed.jpg

Room Edit - Guest Room - Softline Cord Single Sofa Bed.jpg

Room Edit - Guest Room - Menu Daybed.jpg

Room Edit - Guest Room - Softline Jasper Sofa Bed.jpg

Dress the Bed

It’s time to layer up the linen and create the ultimate sanctuary of sleep for your guests – after a long day, there’s never a more inviting prospect than surrendering to slumber in an irresistibly dressed bed. If you’re looking to add a whimsical element to the guest room, dress the bed with the Hay Minimal Collection Bed Linen, made from 100% cotton satin this bedding will engulf your guests in luxury. With colours spanning from soft pastels to bright, fluorescent hues – the Minimal Bed linen will inject a lustrous and dreamy touch that is sure to entice sleep. As a final touch to your bedding, style your bed with a comforting throw – we love the Hay Mega Dot Cover and the Ferm Living Cut Ded Cover Grey – also perfect for wrapping up in when the colder months are upon us.

Room Edit - Guest Room - Dress the Bed.jpg

Lighting Comfort

Capture a cosy haven for your guestroom with ambient lighting that is tailored to your guests comfort. Lighting can make or break a room as it shapes the mood – avoid harsh, glaring lighting that creates a hostile environment and instead, opt for layers of gentle, diffused lighting blended together. Dimmable lighting provides your guests with the ability to adjust the lighting to suit their mood and make them feel home from home.

A lamp with many options – guests can tune the Luceplan Curl Table Lamp to modify both the brightness and the quality of the whiteness which means all lighting preferences can be catered for. And for when your guests have gone, the Curl table lamp makes for a real statement light source in any room.

Room Edit - Guest Room - Luceplan Curl Table Lamp.jpg

Looking for something a little bit fun, funky and unique? Then look no further than the Muuto Control Light. A redesign of the E27 bulb that is inspired by the idea of displaying different lamp components on a serving plate. Offering an inviting control feature, the lamp allows your guests to set the mood of the lighting due to its dimmable design. A simple but impactful way of adding a splash of colour to your guest room as the lamp is available to purchase in Red, White, Grey or Black.

Room Edit - Guest Room - Muuto Control.jpg

Encourage guests to interact with their room with the Orsjo Vinge Table Lamp – a table lamp with a magical effect due to its opal glass that gradually illuminates when the user sweeps it’s handle 180 degrees around its central axis.

Room Edit - Guest Room - Orsjo Vinge.jpg

Combining electronics with light, the Wastberg Busby Light will provide your guests with both a smart source of illumination and a place to charge up to three devices – no more running out of plug sockets! Not just suitable as a bed side light, but ideal for the office, library and living room.

Room Edit - Guest Room - Lighten the Mood.jpgSource: 1.

Storage Solutions

No matter what the size of your guest room, little or large, there will always be a few pockets of space just waiting to take care of all your storage needs. We’ve selected our favourite storage solutions that will fit right in to your home and will be utterly flexible – because after all, when the guests have gone you need to make the most of the storage too!

From a handy bits and bobs keeping tray, to your afternoon brew table or a sturdy stool – the Menu Flip Around Table/Stool could not fulfil more roles in the guest room if it tried. So if you’re limited to room, then choose the menu flip around as it can be used not only for guests but wherever your home requires an extra helping hand.

Room Edit - Guest Room - Menu Flip-Around.jpgSource: 1, 2.

Providing your guests with sleek lines and extra storage, the Kartell Componibili is a smart storage solution for your home.

Room Edit - Guest Room - Kartell Componibili.jpgSource: 1, 2.

The Componibili doubles up as both a storage place for your guests belongings as well as a bed side table, and for when your guests have gone home – why not use it to store CDs/DVDs in the living room or your essentials in the bathroom?

Room Edit - Guest Room - Kartell Componilbili.jpgSource: 1, 2, 3, 4.

Give your guests their own personal boudoir and take the trend of open clothes storage into the guest room with the Punt Platel Clothes Stand – because there’s no better way of allowing your guests to bring personality to the guest room than with their own belongings. Offering storage for clothing, shoes and accessories, your guests will have a safe place for everything.

Room Edit - Guest Room - Storage Solutions Punt Platel Clothes Stand.jpg

The Muuto Dot Coat Hooks, a wall accessory needed in all areas of the home that doubles up to provide a storage solution for all kinds of items – hang clothing in the guest room, bedroom or hallway or snake a pendant light around multiple dots to form a one of a kind bedside light – the Dots offer function as well as aesthetics.

Room Edit - Guest Room - Muuto The Dots.jpgSource: 1, 2.

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