Choosing the right lighting can be utterly transformative for you and your space; discover the bedside lamps that capture the imagination and create an exquisitely calming ambience...

Moooi Perch Table and Bedside Lamp

Light has the power to define how you feel about your modern home. When natural light isn’t available, investing in lighting that works well can highlight key features of the room, give the illusion of more space and even help you relax after a long day. Most of us use our bedside lamps on a daily basis. Whether it’s for reading, winding down or finding our way out of bed, they are often the first thing we see when we wake up in the morning and the last thing we see before we go to sleep at night. With this in mind, we’re excited to introduce three wonderfully creative solutions to your bedside lighting needs…

1) Moooi Perch

Moooi Perch Table Lamp

In a stunning amalgamation of art and design, designer Umat Amac has created the Perch Table Lamp for Moooi that captures the poetic charm of nature. Made from folded polypropylene and brass, the origami-like structure glows from the inside and mirrors the grace of birds sitting on a branch. In Amac’s playful style, the birds can be rocked back and forth with a light touch or a disturbance in the air; a mesmerising feature perfect for bedtime.

Moooi Perch Table Lamps

2) Brokis Macaron

Brokis Macaron Table Lamp Small & Floor Lamp

The inspiration for the Brokis Macaron is in its name; drawing from the delicacy of French confectionery, it utilises the purity of its materials to create a stunning aesthetic. There’s no doubt that, just like a French Macaron, this is a lamp that has both style and substance. The glass is carefully hand-blown and there is a warm light that shines through the central onyx plate. Coupled together, this creates an eye-catching and unique glow that demonstrates designer Lucie Koldova‘s dedication to natural materials and innovative processes.

Brokis Macaron Table Lamp Small - Smoked Glass & White OnyxNatural materials and expert artisanship: white onyx & smoked grey glass.

Hand Blown Glass & White OnyxShades of hand-blown glass combined with white onyx express the exquisite purity of the natural material and the uniqueness of each stone.

The Brokis Macaron is also available as a large floor lamp, capable of adding a sculptural feature to the corner of your room.

3) Foscarini Kurage

Foscarini Kurage Table Lamp

Another animal-inspired piece, the Foscarini Kurage draws from the glowing elegance of the Jellyfish, borne from the joint efforts of Italian designer Luca Nichetto and the versatile group Nendo founded by Japanese architect Oki Sato. The softly distributed light is achieved through the use of an expertly constructed shade; with one smooth and one rough side, the contrasting textures create an interesting aesthetic that highlights the delicate features of the high-quality Japanese Washi paper.

Foscarini Kurage Table Lights

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