Ferm Living Calendar Candle with Block Candle Holder

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The Ferm Living Calendar Candle is hand made in Denmark, and will allow you to celebrate the Christmas month in style! Comes with the Ferm Living Block Candle Holder in solid brass.

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From 1-24th of December, almost all Danish homes light a calendar candle and burn down one number per day, making the anticipation time a bit more festive for the young members of the family. The Block Candle Holder is a multifunctional and minimalistic candle holder made of solid brass and fits a big tea light or a block candle such as the calendar candles.

Calendar Candle – Height: 20cm x Diameter: 5.5cm
Block Candle Holder – Height: 3cm x Diameter: 6.2cm

Materials & finishes
Handmade calendar candle in 100% Stearin
Block candle holder in solid brass with mat polish.

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