With a reputation for working with highly-respected and established designers of the past and present, it came as no surprise to us when Italian brand Molteni & C brought the limited edition Gio Ponti collection by Gio Ponti himself into the limelight.

MolteniandC-Gio-Ponti-Armchair.jpg The revival of the classic Molteni&C Gio Ponti Armchair

Originally produced between 1935 and 1957 for Ponti’s own house and some small series production, the collection hadn’t received a great deal of exposure until now. In order to make this all possible, Molteni&C undertook a lengthy research and selection process with the Ponti estate before receiving exclusivity in the manufacturing process of Ponti’s works.

Comprised of classic furniture and home accessories, the Gio Ponti collection demonstrates the meticulous mind of designer Gio Ponti with its refined finishes, complementary materials and exceptional forms. We’re incredibly excited to be bringing this collection to you so that you can relive and appreciate a bit of design history!

MolteniandC-Gio-Ponti-collage-1.jpg The Molteni&C Gio Ponti Tea Table and Molteni&C Gio Ponti Armchair pictured in-situ with the man himself

The mastermind behind the works - Gio Ponti
A revolutionary man in his own right, Gio Ponti was one of the most famous and influential architects of the 20th century. Born in Milan in 1981, he later became a ceramic designer, furniture designer and an architect, drawing influences from each discipline and applying them to his latest creation. Unlike many architects, he always approached his projects as a whole and designed everything from the outside of the building to the whole interior concept. This way of working was his philosophy; in fact, his family even referred to it as the ‘Ponti style’ of living.

Designer-Gio-Ponti.jpg Gio Ponti — "An artist, architect, writer, innovator, painter, poet, and professor.”

Another thing that Gio Ponti was recognised for was his profound love for drawing. His sketches ranged from developed furniture designs to initial ideas and concepts scribbled upon his personal correspondence, demonstrating that there was no limit to where he would sketch and draw.


The Gio Ponti aesthetic
With such an exceptional talent behind him, Gio Ponti developed a very distinguishable and unique style to his work. He would often use signature colours such as yellow and gold and complement them with stripes and geometrical patterns, resulting in designs with a great deal of warmth and depth. This depth also extends to the way in which he would often taper the edges on a number of his designs, using curved edges and rounded forms to create the illusion of his designs being bigger than they were.


The exclusive collection
It’s hard to choice our favourites from the collection, but there are a number of key designs that stand out in terms of their graphic qualities and interesting forms.

Designed in the mid-1950s, the Molteni&C Gio Ponti Tea Table makes a bold statement with an eclectic grid table top made from a hand-painted metal grid and a clear crystal table top.

MolteniandC-Gio-Ponti-Tea-Table.jpg Molteni&C Gio Ponti Tea Table

The use of different shades of grey and deep burgundy red on the insets of each square creates a pattern that is almost like an optical illusion, bringing depth to an otherwise flat product.

MolteniandC-Gio-Ponti-Bookcase.jpg Molteni&C Gio Ponti Bookcase

Produced from shaped multi-layered material with an elm veneer, the Molteni&C Gio Ponti Bookcase holds plenty of compartments for all of your storage needs. Despite being designed between 1956 and 1957, this sleek and carefully-constructed bookcase has a contemporary look and feel thanks to its white inserts and rounded edges.

MolteniandC-Gio-Ponti-Chest-of-Drawers.jpg Molteni&C Gio Ponti Chest of Drawers

Now, we don’t know whether you feel the same, but we can’t decide whether the most striking thing about this design is the mismatched wooden handles or the satin brass feet. The wooden panels on the front of each drawer are made from elm, Italian walnut, mahogany and rosewood and are arranged in a way that makes the chest of drawers look like a piece of art as well as a functional piece of furniture, demonstrating Gio Ponti’s creative and inquisitive side.

MolteniandC-Gio-Ponti-Armchair-1.jpg Molteni&C Gio Ponti Armchair

We probably shouldn’t pick favourites, but we feel that we had to leave the best until last. Originally designed in 1934, the Molteni&C Gio Ponti Armchair is made from a brass structure covered in bicolour white-blue leather or luxurious fabric, which reinterprets the age-old technique of velvet-weaving. With its reclining back and rising seat, the Gio Ponti armchair is definitely one that invites you to relax.

Reliving the mid-century era
Here at Nest.co.uk, we relish in designs that have been revisited and revived and that still prove their relevance even to this day. Despite these iconic designs being born between the 30s and the 60s, they still have a timeless and intriguing quality that will continue to be loved and admired for centuries down the line. The collection certainly isn’t just a nostalgic interpretation of a golden past or a decadent recovery of a lost era, but instead the collection is a reactivation of an exciting project that kick-started Ponti’s legacy.

We’re sure that this legacy will continue to influence and inspire designers and enthusiasts for generations to come.

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