Reflecting on what’s important, appreciating the little things and enjoying design – Nest’s Managing Director, Toni, speaks to our friends and colleagues about having a happy mind and a happy home.

I’ve recently come to value the importance of mindfulness; taking a moment to stop, reflect and appreciate the present moment is something that can massively alter your outlook on life, and even your overall happiness. We so often focus on our big goals and our to-do lists, that we tend to neglect the little things in between; we’re bombarded with the idea of success, so we forget that life’s a journey and the small moments can sometimes be the best. Acknowledging these everyday moments might just be the key to true happiness.

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What happens when we apply this theory to design or, more specifically, our homes? What happens when our space is filled with bursts of good design? Does it make us happier? For me, the crux of this is function; it’s my favourite mug that fits my hand just right and the way my bedside draws are the perfect size, making a satisfying ‘clunk’ when I close them. It’s even the bin bag that fits and doesn’t split open when I take it out, or the rug that doesn’t slip under my feet.

You might be able to see why, for me, design and happiness are inextricably linked. The small details of design contribute to those moments of ease and fulfilment that, if I stop to appreciate them, fill my day-to-day with happiness and make my home a glorious place to be.

These moments are different for everyone; and that’s what makes design so wonderfully diverse and innovative. I asked a few friends and colleagues about their thoughts; and the response was varied but utterly inspiring. Enjoy!

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Roos at
Design is…. timeless. Design is something you fall for, love at first sight and something that will become an item in your house that tells a story about you.”
Happiness is…. the family together, lazy Sundays, coffee, my job, bringing green inside and long laughs with my friends”

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Kate from
Design is… all around us! But what distinguishes good design from bad is a perfect harmony between function and form, where an object has not only been designed to look aesthetically pleasing, but to also enhance the lives of those who interact with it.”
Happiness is… pancakes in bed on a Sunday morning!”

Liam, our Purchasing and Supplier Manager here at Nest
Design is... an opinion. It’s not just a solution to an existing problem or purely aesthetic, it’s the perfect blend of both. Design is a way for people to interact with beautiful objects both natural and man-made. It’s an enhancement on how we do everyday things and why we love to do them!”
“Happiness is... appreciating the smaller things. It’s finding joy in someone else’s wins. It’s being true to yourself and who you are.”

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Charlie, our Content Coordinator here at Nest
Design is… simultaneously solving problems and making art”
Happiness is… chasing a good view, holding a book for the first time, the crackle of vinyl and doing something purely because I want to”

Ben, our Marketing and Content Manager here at Nest
Design is… anything thoughtfully created from inception to production. I don’t believe in design for the sake of design – the things we own should have a purpose. It could be sentimental or functional but, for me, a tidy home is a happy home; less is always more.”
Happiness is… quiet time and enjoying all you’ve worked for. Sometimes the things that are the hardest are the things you appreciate the most. I’m a DIY disaster, but creating a home for myself has made it a meaningful place for reflection.“

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Lily, our Warehouse Office Administrator here at Nest
Design is…everything. Great design will last a lifetime.”
Happiness is... enjoying the day to day stuff. The small things make up the biggest part of life. If you can appreciate the simple pleasures and be mindful of your daily habits you will build a great foundation for happiness. It’s not how much we have, it’s how much we enjoy!”

Igor from
Design is...the language speaking to all our senses and enhancing our lives in many aspects, thus becoming part of our lives – consciously and subconsciously.”
Happiness is...contentment with oneself. Being present in the 'here and now' and appreciating your being for what you are.”

Simon, our Digital Development Manager here at Nest
Design is... when you find yourself enjoy something mundane, such as grinding pepper. You barely notice it because it just works – it’s considered”
Happiness is… the ability to let everything be”

Sally, Head of Sales and Customer Care here at Nest
Design is... the creation of beautiful solutions to everyday problems; the creation of something that nobody has managed to imagine before.”
Happiness is... being surrounded by people and things that I love. Food and drinks with friends, holidays in the sunshine and lazy evenings.”

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