Embrace sapphire blue, canary yellow and emerald green for a look that exudes decadence and glamour.

From &tradition and Gubi to Anglepoise and Tom Dixon, many of our favourite brands have been incorporating rich jewel tones into their collections, gracing their much-loved classics and new designs alike with vibrant shades of ruby red, sapphire blue and emerald green. If you're a fan of punchier colours over soft neutrals, then this will be welcome news for you.

Deep-moody-shades--Anglepoise-Type-75-Desk-Lamp-Paul-Smith-Edition-Two-.jpgDeep, moody shades combined with striking jewel tones. Shop the featured products below.

Jewel tones are often associated with decadence and luxury, combined with materials such as velvet and marble for a look of effortless sophistication. However, this opulent look isn't the only thing that's reminiscent of these rich jewel tones. Take a look at nature, for example, where we can see these vivid colours in exotic foliage, tropical flowers and the depths of the rainforest. The best example of all is the elegant peacock, who's feathers are comprised of bold colours that are almost iridescent to the eye. What's not to love?

Peacock-tones-Wrong-for-Hay-Turn-on-Table-Lamp.jpgTake inspiration for your interior from the intricate feathers of the peacock. Shop the featured products below. Credit: 1

Canary-yellow-and-rich-colours---Anglepoise-Type-1228-Wall-Light.jpgCanary yellow meets vivid blue and red for a bold lighting display. Shop the featured products below.

Faded-Jewel-tones-and-pastel-shades-Muuto-The-dots-Coat-Hooks.jpgCreate a contemporary look with faded jewel tones and pastel shades. Shop the featured products below. Credit: 1

Jewel-tones-single-pops-of-colour-andTradition-Palette-Coffee-Table-JH8.jpgIf you prefer a more subtle look, one signature jewel shade can be enough to bring colour to your interior. Shop the featured products below. Credit: 1

Tom-Dixon-Interior-Jewel-Luxe.jpgThink like Tom Dixon and embrace jewel luxe with glamorous shades, satin finishes and looks inspired by precious minerals. Shop the featured products below.

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