Yes, the 'shoffice' is a thing. With more and more people setting up their own businesses or acquiring the luxury of working from the comfort of their own home, the 'shoffice' - a combination of a shed and an office - is a popular choice for those wanting that extra bit of privacy. Plus, as it's detached from the home, the shoffice is the perfect place to try something a little bit different.

Shoffices are also an ideal choice if you've maximised the square footage within your home, giving you the option to take your creativity to the garden and create a calming working space that is more in touch with nature. A well-designed shoffice will add value to your property, whilst saving you the hassle and added costs of relocating for additional space.

How to style your perfect shoffice Christian HawleyWork in progress - founder Christian Hawley's shoffice

We spend a great deal of our time working, so it's important that your shoffice is as comfortable, functional and stylish as it can possibly be. Choosing the right furniture, lighting and home accessories to suit you and your shoffice is all down to how you work best, whether you prefer to do this with a coffee in hand at 9am or a small glass of wine in the early evening! We take a look at the main things to remember when you’re styling and curating your perfect shoffice.

Mix and match your choice of lighting

The beauty of working from home is that pretty much anything can be tailored to suit your needs, including your lighting. Ensuring that you have adequate lighting available to suit every hour around the clock - and for each of your tasks - will help to improve your overall comfort levels and most importantly of all, your productivity.

The best place to start is a flexible task light. Task lights are self-explanatory; they're designed to provide a direct light source in order to assist you with your tasks, plus they're almost always adjustable. This allows you to position the light source exactly where you need it, whether that be over a sketchbook for detailed drawing or tilted towards your keyboard and computer screen for an even light. A stylish, high-quality task light is an essential for any shoffice and will soon become your favourite working essential whatever the time of day.

Anglepoise Original 1227 Brass Wall Mounted LampAnglepoise Original 1227 Brass Wall Mounted Lamp

For those times when you only need a soft light, a stylish floor lamp or set of ambient wall lights will help to create a more calming atmosphere in your shoffice. On the other hand, spotlights or pendant lights will help to fill your shoffice with well-distributed and level lighting, which is ideal for when the weather is a little gloomy or you want to avoid straining your eyes.

Fritz Hansen Kaiser Idell Luxus Floor Lamp with String Pocket ShelvingFritz Hansen Kaiser Idell Luxus Floor Lamp

Create an inspiring atmosphere

There's nothing worse than trying to get your creative hat on when you're sat staring at a brick wall (the expression 'hit a brick wall' comes to mind...), so it’s important that your working environment and the space that surrounds it is as enriching and inspiring as possible. With most shoffices being situated in the depths of the garden, it makes sense to take advantage of this and open up the shoffice to an outdoor space that is beautiful, flourishing and uplifting to your overall wellbeing.

One of the best ways to achieve this is to make use of large floor-length windows to bring in as much natural light as possible, whilst providing an uninterrupted view of the outdoor space. You could also bring elements of the outdoors into your shoffice with plenty of fresh plants and greenery.

Avoid mixing work with play

It’s great to be able to enjoy a bit of a break in your shoffice, but if you find yourself spending most of your day in there, then cabin fever is most definitely going to start setting in. If you’ve got all of your leisurely amenities in there, such as a television, sofa bed or bookcase for your favourite literature, then you’ll have less reason to enter the house for that much-needed break.

There’s nothing wrong with placing a sofa, lounge chair or 1 or 2 key items in there to give your space that bit of necessary character, but being able to separate work from play will leave you feeling much more refreshed at the end of the day.

Vitra Compas Direction Desk and Vitra Fauteuil Direction ChairVitra Compas Direction Desk and Vitra Fauteuil Direction

Make comfort your number 1 factor

Comfort is always a primary factor when it comes to styling your home, but it’s even more important when it comes to creating the perfect working environment. Choosing an office chair that’s easily adjustable and comfortable for your body and posture is the first step to working productively.

Vitra Physix Office Swivel ChairVitra Physix Office Swivel Chair

Having the right storage for your needs and requirements is also essential in order to organise your working space efficiently. If your work is mostly digital-based, then you probably won’t need a wall-length shelving unit, whereas it might be an essential for someone else. Figuring out what best suits your method of working and choose your perfect storage solution accordingly will help you to avoid clutter and keep your working space looking neat and tidy at all times.

String Shelving System in White and White with Hay About A Chair AAC22String Shelf System - White & White and Hay About A Chair AAC22 - With Armrest and Wooden Base

If you’re thinking of building your own shoffice or are in the process of doing so and need advice on how to style your perfect space, then please email, call 0044 114 243 3000 or get in touch via Live Chat.

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