Eccentric Spanish designer Jaime Hayon, fresh from his recent celebratory collaboration with nanimarquina, fields questions on the importance of humour in his work and how he feels about being dubbed ‘The Clown Prince of Design’.

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Jaime Hayon on nanimarquina's 30th anniversary collection  - Jaime HayonJaime Hayon

How did it feel to be part of the 30th anniversary of nanimarquina? How did this collaboration come about, and were you pleased with the results?
I've known Nani for years and had spoken about doing something special together. The opportunity came just at the right time and we have been able to present this collection on her 30th anniversary. I'm very happy with the results!

You've been called 'The Clown Prince of Design' by the Financial Times, and your designs are often praised for their eccentricity. Is humour important to your design process?
I don't think of myself as a clown but I do believe humour is important in life and it's certainly important in my life and work. Everything is taken way too serious.

Jaime Hayon on nanimarquina's 30th anniversary collection  - Jaime Hayon Hayon X Nani Rug

Your portfolio of work is strikingly diverse. How do you apply your creative process to objects you’ve never worked with before?
I love a challenge and to be able to find new ways of expression for my creativity. My process is always the same: I start with a theme I am attracted to and start thinking around this. Then I begin sketching ideas until I find what I feel works.

The revival of crafts was abundantly clear at this year’s Milan Design Week. Why do you think consumers are becoming increasingly interested in craft?
It's natural. Industry has gone so far and has achieved so much, but with craft, there is always that human hand, small differences, you can feel the person behind the object and people are in need of that humanity.

As both an artist and designer, what do you think is the difference between art and design?
I don't think about this. For me, there is no difference aside from the need of a function of design. Both platforms can achieve expression and convey more.

How do the two overlap? Can an everyday object be a piece of art?
This is a more complicated subject but in any case, much depends on the meaning and the intention of a place as well as on its interpretation.

We’re all about timeless design at Nest. When you design something new, do you consider its longevity, both in terms of its durability and style?
I am always inclined to use natural and high-quality materials and this makes up a durable object by extension. Materials that wear well with time and are able to accumulate a history are my favourite.

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Jaime Hayon on nanimarquina's 30th anniversary collection  - Hayon X Nani Rug

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