Embrace comfort, warmth and cosiness in your home with our hygge-inspired edit.

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When do you feel most content? In the busy and fast-paced lives of today, the importance of contentment can easily be lost within a sea of convenience, drowning amongst to-do lists, schedules and large amounts of disposable commodities. However, most things that bring us true contentment can only be experienced when we take a moment to stop and breathe and to us at Nest.co.uk, this is exactly what ‘hygge’ is all about.

So, what is hygge?

Pronounced as ‘hoo-ga’, this familiar Danish concept is hard to describe in just one word, but ‘cosiness’ definitely fits the bill. From enjoying laughter with friends and family over a candlelit dinner, to reading your favourite book on a relaxed Sunday morning, hygge is all about feeling comfortable and happy, whilst enjoying the simpler things in life.

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Although hygge isn’t restricted to the winter months, its connotations with cosiness and warmth makes it especially prevalent around the festive season and New Year. Coffee, anyone?

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Make yourself at home

We don’t know about you guys, but when we think of hygge, the first place we think of is home. At the end of a long day, home is always waiting for us like a warm embrace, ready to take away the stresses from the outside world. This is why it’s so important that your home is as comfortable and beautiful as can be, whilst being suited to your personal needs and tastes.

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A big part of curating your perfect space is relying on designs that are not only stylish and beautiful to look at, but that are also liveable, adaptable, functional and designed to last. This is why we’re so committed to supporting original, authentic and high-quality design, that has been built with the intention of improving quality of life and wellbeing in the home.

Go on, treat yourself…

All this talk of cosiness and warmth has made us want to snuggle up under a chunky throw by the fire and we’re sure you guys are feeling the same! For all things beautiful, comforting and hygge-inspired, browse and shop our special edit below.

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